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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

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But, Camp Ground Depot is not the average outdoor store/ depot that sells the obvious outdoor items.
Yeh said he had contusions to his waist, shoulders, hands and feet and could no longer walk, so he stayed at Dandaxi camp ground for two days.
In Ohio, the Lazy River at Granville camp ground, 40km from Columbus, offers activities and entertainment ranging from a zipline to magic shows to arts and crafts.
Search crews have returned to the Ouachita Mountains on horseback and all-terrain vehicles, hoping to find campers who survived the flash flooding of their camp grounds along the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers.
Summary: Washington, June 11, 2010, SPA -- Heavy rains overnight triggered flash floods in the US state of Arkansas, killing at least 12 people at a camp ground, dpa quoted police as saying today.
Now music historian and performer Wayne Erbsen has collected more than fifty of the most revered, popular, and wide-spread of these musical numbers characteristic of these community meetings into "Hymns Of The Old Camp Ground: Old Time Gospel songs With Words, Music & History".
Burn, bear black children Till poor rivers bring Rest, and sweet glory In Camp Ground. (81, 85)
Matthew was a local entrepreneur founding & building the ColdBrook Country Club & Camp Ground and he owned and operated six supermarkets throughout Massachusetts.
in Worcester, the Sea Breeze Motel & Camp Ground, The Webhanett Boat Yard & the Harbour Side Restaurant in Wells for a number of years.