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a secret society in Naples notorious for violence and blackmail

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Law enforcement forces are winning the game against the Camorra," Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said.
It follows a web of characters from teenaged gunmen to a Camorra cashier to a wealthy businessman behind illegal toxic waste-dumping schemes.
Scampia is at the core of the so-called Camorra feud between criminal gangs in and around Naples, depicted in Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano's award-winning expose of organised crime in the region.
She was head of the Camorra - Naples' version of Sicily's Mafia - and considered one of the 30 most-dangerous fugitives in Italy.
36,330 ounces of gold produced, with 31,479 ounces mined at the La Camorra Unit at an average total cash cost of $475
A boss of Naples' Camorra crime organization was gunned down in front of hundreds of tourists on Thursday night in the resort town of Terracina, 50 miles south of Rome.
A member of the now dismantled Cartagena drug cartel, Molina Vega was a major smuggler of cocaine, who worked with Italian Mafia organizations such as the Ndrangheta from Calabria, the Camorra near Naples and Sicily's Cosa Nostra.
Cosa Nostra, along with the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta and the Camorra around Naples, has long plagued Italy, and in recent years their activity has spread to northern cities from their southern heartland.
Pasquale Scotti, a former leader of the Naples-based mafia-style crime ring called the Camorra, was caught in Brazil's northeastern city of Recife, according to local daily O Globo.
According to Naples prosecutors, despite suspicions of links between thegroup and the notorious Camorra mafia syndicate, they have yet to uncover anyproof.
Francis made a late-afternoon visit Saturday to Caserta, the main town in the turf of the Casalesi crime clan of the Naples-area Camorra syndicate.
Ravveduto was doubtful that the local mob in Salerno, the Camorra, was responsible for the delivery to De Luca.
Legitimate arms of the Camorra clans were paid to dispose of the waste from Germany but hid it in farmland, caves or the sea for monthly profits of PS200,000.
The 2008 film, also Oscar-nominated, looks at the Camorra branch of the mafia and its grip on the people of Naples and Caserta.
Italy's main crime groups - the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, Calabria's 'Ndrangheta and the Camorra from the Southern city of Naples - have a total annual turnover of 116 billion euros ($151 billion), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says.