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a secret society in Naples notorious for violence and blackmail

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"La camorra sono io" dice, entrando nella leggenda (Quagliolo, 2017).
La Stampa has recently published a report that Libyan artifacts have been put out for sale at an auction run by two mafia groups in southern Italy, the Calabrian Ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra criminal gang.
Police in Naples said the paintings, which they described as "priceless", were discovered during a raid as part of a crackdown against a Naples-based Camorra crime clan suspected of cocaine trafficking.
The paintings were ( reportedly found along with other assets worth millions of euros by the Italian police in a house at Castellammare di Stabia, near Pompeii, that was used by a Camorra group linked to cocaine smuggling.
In a Naples neighborhood dominated by mafia, young people who worked for the Camorra syndicate as kids teach the art of circus, theater and parkour as an alternative to a life of crime.
Cosa Nostra in Sicily, the 'Ndrangheta in Calabria and the Camorra in Campania have long used violence and intimidation to manipulate state officials in Italy's south, but data and recent scandals show the problem has spread north, even to the capital Rome.
A member of the now dismantled Cartagena drug cartel, Molina Vega was a major smuggler of cocaine, who worked with Italian Mafia organizations such as the Ndrangheta from Calabria, the Camorra near Naples and Sicily's Cosa Nostra.
Pasquale Scotti, a former leader of the Naples-based mafia-style crime ring called the Camorra, was caught in Brazil's northeastern city of Recife, according to local daily O Globo.
According to Naples prosecutors, despite suspicions of links between thegroup and the notorious Camorra mafia syndicate, they have yet to uncover anyproof.
The Italian writer, who received a death threat by Italian crime syndicate Camorra over his book "Gomorrah" in 2006 and was granted permanent police escort, made some striking claims about the influence of the Bulgarian mafia, citing data from an investigation in Italy."Calabia's 'Ndrangheta is supplied with cocaine from the Bulgarians, and this had never happened.
Francis made a late-afternoon visit Saturday to Caserta, the main town in the turf of the Casalesi crime clan of the Naples-area Camorra syndicate.
This realistic depiction of warfare between the Camorra gangs in Naples and its hinterland has already sold to HBO Nordic.