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fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan

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Educated Hindus often identified with the ancient and intricate traditions of Maharashtra--music, poetry and arts associated with bhakti--while educated Catholics looked to Camoes, Eca de Queiroz, Pessoa and the glories of exploration.
En effet, l'Instituto Cervantes, l'Institut francais, le British Council, l'Associazione Culturale Italiana Dante Alighieri, l'Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Rabat, le Centro Cultural Portugues do Instituto Camoes et le Goethe-Institut de Casablanca, prennent a tour de role la coordination de l'evenement.
Just as we shall be collaborating with the Instituto Camoes, giving them space for teaching Portuguese, as Europeans, as Iberians, how could we fail to be interested in collaborating with our neighbours?
Camoes Institute or Italian Institute of Culture in Lithuania), where students can acquire, remedy or improve their language competence.
Concorrendo com personagens da grandeza de Camoes, Vasco da Gama e Fernando Pessoa, entre outros, o ditador do Estado Novo Oliveira Salazar saiu vencedor com pouco mais de 40% dos votos.
On the other hand, significant critical effort has been expended in placing Camoes in the literary and intellectual context of sixteenth-century Portugal, Iberia, and Europe.
Essa influencia do texto biblico se da tanto em autores "modernos", como Franz Kafka, Herman Melville e Jose Saramago, quanto em autores classicos, como Dante Alighieri, John Milton e Luiz de Camoes.
A joint statement was signed to reinforce cooperation in the fields of research, technology and higher education, in addition to a cooperation protocol between the culture ministries of both countries, and another one between Camoes Institute and Mohammed V Agdal University.
Os Lusiadas is certainly the main reference, an epic poem from the sixteenth century by Luis Vaz de Camoes.
Maria de Portugal e a "linda" Ines sao cantadas por Camoes em Os Lusiadas (canto III, estrofes 102 a 105; canto III, estrofes 118 a 135).
This collaboration is made possible with the support of Instituto Camoes and IndieLisboa.
A dark, gritty, and urban writer best known for his novels, Fonseca (1925-) won the Camoes Prize, the most important award in the Portuguese language, in 2003.
But Camoes Tam, an expert on Macao affairs and chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, said Xi does not have the final say on who is the next chief of Macao.
Ambassador to the United States--vacant; Jorge Camoes, Charge d'Affaires, a.
Ordering empire: the poetry of Camoes, Pringle and Campbell.