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fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan

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In this way, greater productive efficiency is achieved, since local officials may claim credit for delivering human and social public services (Tavares & Camoes, 2007).
Um pouco na esteira do ensaio de Manirroto (1), mas sem seguir inteiramente o seu percurso e objectivo, o que me proponho fazer e usar dois tipos de lente para ler as endechas camonianas: a primeira, aplicada aos olhos de um leitor dos seculos xix-xx, Eugenio Tavares, que leu Camoes de um ponto de vista insular e colonizado; a segunda lente, o acrescento de uma dioptria a lente dos seculos xix-xx, com a qual penso poder obter da refracao da primeira lente uma imagem, em contexto hodierno, da distancia que separa, ou une, Tavares e Camoes.
the Portuguese News Agency 'Lusa' Afonso Camoes echoed Pentintaex idea.
On Saturday, two groups of protesters who started off from Garden of Principe Real and Cais de Sodre in downtown Lisbon marched towards the country's parliament building after they converged in Luis de Camoes Square, Xinhua reported.
Kennedy Poetry Prize; Luis de Camoes: Selected Sonnets; and Classic American Films: Conversations With the Screenwriters.
En effet, l'Instituto Cervantes, l'Institut francais, le British Council, l'Associazione Culturale Italiana Dante Alighieri, l'Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Rabat, le Centro Cultural Portugues do Instituto Camoes et le Goethe-Institut de Casablanca, prennent a tour de role la coordination de l'evenement.
1,34-156) in Camoes' Epos Os Luslaidas (6,6-91)"; Alexander Cyron, "Melchior Barlaeus, 5.
On the other hand, significant critical effort has been expended in placing Camoes in the literary and intellectual context of sixteenth-century Portugal, Iberia, and Europe.
The remaining chapters of Hampton's study each focus on the representation of diplomacy in a canonical literary text, with extended readings of Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata (chapter 3), Camoes's Os Lusiadas (chapter 4), Corneille's Nicomede (chapter 5), Shakespeare's Hamlet (chapter 6), and Racine's Andromaque (chapter 7).