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an inactive volcano in western Cameroon

a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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The group previously launched several attacks in Cameroon, ranging from kidnapping foreigners for ransom, assassinations, robberies, and targeting the Cameroonian military.
The Cameroonian authorities also carried out evacuations of Nigerians living in the immediate border areas inside Cameroon, with some being returned to Nigeria.
Boko Haram intended to release the Cameroonians in exchange for their militants held in Cameroon.
SPANISH police say they have arrested two Cameroonian migrants on suspicion of killing up to 10 other migrants by pushing them from a boat into stormy waters in a fight over a prayer session.
Similarly, no pathogenic variants were detected in GJA1, suggesting their non-implication in hearing loss among the Cameroonians and black South Africans studied, [15] as has been reported in African Americans.
The participants were 183 female teachers and trainees, 93 from Osnabruck, Germany, representing an urban Western context, which can be characterized by a primary cultural orientation toward psychological autonomy and a constructivist pedagogical approach; and 90 Cameroonian teachers, representing a rural non-Western context, which can be characterized by a primary cultural emphasis on hierarchical relatedness and a didactic approach of formal apprenticeship.
Douala, Cameroon, Safar 11, 1435, Dec 14, 2013, SPA -- Cameroon has begun airlifting people trying to flee the war-torn Central African Republic, an official said Saturday in the Cameroonian port city of Douala, according to dpa.
Seven Cameroonian athletes - have disappeared from the Olympic Village.
The regime has opted to put Cameroonians with their backs up against the wall .
5) The unconstitutional referendum of 20 May 1972 had the scrapping of the federation established in 1961 as its sole goal, which was the only viable assurance for the preservation of the identity of the English- speaking Cameroonians.
The Emirati said she agreed to invest with the Cameroonians after they supported her with a website address, login name and password to check her investment process online.
It's not surprising that Cameroonians would worship at a Presbyterian church, as Presbyterianism in Cameroon dates back to the mid-1800s when missionaries built schools and churches there.
Armed men in speedboats seized six French citizens, two Cameroonians, one Senegalese and one Tunisian from the Bourbon Sagitta, an oil vessel contracted by French oil company Total.
Cameroonians and Americans at the exhibit said the experience helped them value how documentation can preserve national history and, had captured unique moments in the shared history of the United States and Cameroon.
It's all too tempting for the visitor in Cameroon to shrug his shoulders and explain the country's poverty by presuming that Cameroonians are idiots.