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an inactive volcano in western Cameroon

a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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In the second part (Chapters 3-5), the book looks more closely at visa practices, thus bringing state structures sharply into focus--foreign embassies and the Cameroonian Ministry of Interior in particular.
He has authorised the special recruitment of 1,000 young bilingual Cameroonian graduates, in particular in the sciences and technical subjects.
The victims called the police immediately and gave details about a Cameroonian man, who had driven the other four robbers to the hotel in a car.
Anglophone Cameroonians in the North-West and South-West regions had been protesting over the imposition of French in their schools and courts.
To understand the subjectivity of Cameroonians' exilic experiences, we need to examine how these experiences are recalled and how Cameroonian asylum-seekers "build themselves into the world by creating meaning [and] by fashioning out of [traumatic images], a sense of what the world is all about.
Lyceum's Mike Nzeusseu, a Cameroonian, was also named Rookie of the Year, while Arnold Noah of San Beda capped the bumper year for imports by leading the Red Lions in the two-game sweep of Arellano in the championship round, earning Finals MVP honors.
Though the APS mission is to train the Cameroonians to protect their borders and inland waterways, the waterways lead to the Lake Chad Basin, one of the areas where the COPALCO and FUMA work together, an area where Boko Haram is known to operate.
The group previously launched several attacks in Cameroon, ranging from kidnapping foreigners for ransom, assassinations, robberies, and targeting the Cameroonian military.
The Cameroonian authorities also carried out evacuations of Nigerians living in the immediate border areas inside Cameroon, with some being returned to Nigeria.
SPANISH police say they have arrested two Cameroonian migrants on suspicion of killing up to 10 other migrants by pushing them from a boat into stormy waters in a fight over a prayer session.
Douala, Cameroon, Safar 11, 1435, Dec 14, 2013, SPA -- Cameroon has begun airlifting people trying to flee the war-torn Central African Republic, an official said Saturday in the Cameroonian port city of Douala, according to dpa.
Camnet was an Internet forum where many Cameroonians living abroad participated in debates and discussions about the political directions of their country.
But my fear is that now Cameroonians will have a bad reputation, and in the future we will not be able to get visas.
Summary: Cameroonians voted for their next president Sunday, with incumbent Paul Biya almost assured of re-election and quashing the opposition's dream of ending his 29-year-old rule.
Armed men in speedboats seized six French citizens, two Cameroonians, one Senegalese and one Tunisian from the Bourbon Sagitta, an oil vessel contracted by French oil company Total.