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Synonyms for Cameroon

an inactive volcano in western Cameroon

a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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Cautioning the German to utter silence with a gesture the two approached the stream quietly.
Cautioning Nobs to silence, and he had learned many lessons in the value of obedience since we had entered Caspak, I slunk forward, taking advantage of whatever cover I could find, until from behind a bush I could distinctly see the creatures assembled by the fire.
In an instant, she remembered that Alban's motive for cautioning her, in her coming intercourse with Mrs.
There was a pressing necessity for cautioning Isabel, and here was his opportunity.
Genevieve watched their excited efforts, while she listened to the white-faced second cautioning Joe.
In a whisper which was inaudible to the ears of the Negro, Tarzan whispered Taug's name, cautioning the ape to silence, and Taug's growling ceased.
Farmer Ives looked at it, muttered something or another over it, and cut some notches in a short stick, which he handed to Benjy, giving him instructions for cutting it down on certain days, and cautioning Tom not to meddle with the wart for a fortnight.