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Synonyms for Cameroon

an inactive volcano in western Cameroon

a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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Cameroon's Telecom, Mobile, and Broadband Industry Driven by Favorable Government Programs
Coach Paul Bitok made changes, introducing Triza Atuka and Leonida Kasaya but nothing much changed as Cameroon took the set to 16-9 then 18-10.
In Group B, Cameroon topped the standings with three points from a victory and draw, while Zaire came second with two points.
'I know as a fact that, as at the time the 1st petitioner was born on the 25th November, 1946 to a FulanI trader and farmer, Garba Abubakar, Jada village and other parts of Chamba land in the then Northern Cameroon, were still part of the British Cameroons and not Nigeria.
He said all 20 members of the Caf executive committee who were present in Accra, Ghana last Friday unanimously agreed that it was not possible to stage the 2019 tournament in Cameroon and asked the Central African country to continue preparations to host the 2021 edition because the initial hosts Cote d'Ivoire will not be ready by then.
Morocco immediately said it was ready to replace Cameroon, beginning more than a year of claims and counter-claims that CAF intended taking the tournament away from Cameroon and giving it to the north African country.
For example, the Commonwealth supported the setting up in 2006 of Elec- tions Cameroon (Elecam), the country's first independent election management body, to which it continues to provide assistance.
After the First World War, the former German protectorate of Cameroon was split between France and Britain.
Feed Cameroon: To fulfill its potential in agriculture, which accounts for 40% of GDP, , the AfDB has helped Cameroon double agriculture output, which has lifted the livelihoods of 4.6 million farmers by 15%, including promoting small holders agribusiness, better nutrition, and strengthening food security.
Here is what you need to know about the protests, and what they might mean for Cameroon and US interests.
The functionalist ideal of national integration focuses on the heterogeneous nature of a society and the need to turn it into a homogeneous whole--like the Cameroon example.
Yaounde, Cameroon, October 26, 2016 --( "It is imperative that the financial stability of the sector is addressed to support and encourage private investment in Cameroon" - this is according to Jean-Louis Ekra, board member of Globeleq, a successful private investor in the country's power sector and returning diamond sponsor at the upcoming iPAD Cameroon Energy Infrastructure Forum in Yaounde.
Summary: Cameroon has weathered regional insecurity to emerge as a largely stable and fast-growing economy, but big hurdles still remain
Cameroon has sentenced 89 members of the Boko Haram to death, local media reports said Thursday.
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