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Camero officials refer to the system as a "quick tactical decision-making tool for urban operations," providing not only information regarding enemy combatants and hostages, but also their movements in the room and any objects which could hinder assaulting troops.
Ese camero de oro es precisamente el detalle mas caracteristico del Toison de Oro que concede la monarquia espanola.
Shadow the Tre inflatio prices st the cos Camero "And in energ and pen the squ "And with inflation-busting hikes in energy prices in the pipeline, families and pensioners will carry on feeling the squeeze.
David Camero steps up campaign against the EU amid speculations of imminent separation.
Como su titulo lo indica, paseamos con estos gigantes a lo largo de sus 319 paginas de la mano de Joaquin Moratalla, un reputado entomologo espanol, especialista en huellas fosiles y estrategias reproductivas de los dinosaurios, que ha centrado su trabajo de campo en la cuenca del Rio Camero y otras localidades de su pais.
At a City Council meeting last Thursday, Austin resident Manny Camero said payday loans have helped him manage emergency financial situations.
TITANIC Camero break h with th solo su The fil sci-fi mo 1989, ho miles down to the The filmmaker, who made sci-fi movie The Abyss in 1989, hopes to plunge 6.
The casino managers will be giving out USD500 every hour, and one Chevrolet Camero, Equinox or Colorado every day during the promotion.
Prime Minister David Camero has set out plans to build up to 100,000 new homes by releasing thousands of acres of land owned by the Government and official agencies for homebuilding.
Hace ya casi veinte anos que Guillermo Camero inicio la recuperacion de lo que dio en titular Obras raras y desconocidas de Ignacio de Luzan, a no dudar uno de los intelectuales reformistas mas destacados de la primera mitad del siglo XVIII.
The European Union already signed FLEGT contracts with Congo Brazzaville, Camero on and Ghana and negotiations are going on to conclude the same agreements with G abon, Liberia and the Central African Republic.
His car was then hit by the film's iconic yellow Bumblebee Camero, which was being used in a chase scene.
Here's the setup: On a desolate desert highway, Hel (the Sexbomb), Camero (the Psycho-Slut) and Trixie (the Stripper) are on the hunt for a buried fortune.
If at all I've seen Arabs drive fast, then it's a young crazy one, in a second-hand Camero convertible who at the end of the road, when you reach you will find, crashed into a poor Nepali or Bengali or whatever labourer.