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Camero officials refer to the system as a "quick tactical decision-making tool for urban operations," providing not only information regarding enemy combatants and hostages, but also their movements in the room and any objects which could hinder assaulting troops.
"I think it benefits people when you use it only for emergencies and small amounts," said Camero, who borrowed $200 from a payday lender to replace a truck tire.
The casino managers will be giving out USD500 every hour, and one Chevrolet Camero, Equinox or Colorado every day during the promotion.
Negotiations will particularly focus on the reform of the Congolese forest secto r, with the adoption of a new forest code, the establishment of a new legislativ e framework and the creation of a position of independent observer for forest act i vities.A statement from the European Commission services made available to PANA said 80 per cent, or between 100,000 and 200,000 cubic metres per year, of the wood fro m DRC is exported to Europe.The European Union already signed FLEGT contracts with Congo Brazzaville, Camero on and Ghana and negotiations are going on to conclude the same agreements with G abon, Liberia and the Central African Republic.
His car was then hit by the film's iconic yellow Bumblebee Camero, which was being used in a chase scene.
His favorite car was his 2000 Chevy Camero which he was rebuilding, but most of all he loved the New York Yankees.
If at all I've seen Arabs drive fast, then it's a young crazy one, in a second-hand Camero convertible who at the end of the road, when you reach you will find, crashed into a poor Nepali or Bengali or whatever labourer.
Speaking of Grammys, Candido Camero, Beth Carvalho, Charly Garcia, Tania Libertad, Marco Antonio Muniz, and Juan Romero received the 2009 Latin Recording Academy(R) Lifetime Achievement Award, and Jose Antonio Abreu and Roberto Cantoral were presented with the Latin Recording Academy Trustees Award, as part of the Grammy week celebration.
He wats Parliamet to cosider holdig direct public electios for the post of Prime Miister so that voters could choose directly betwee Gordo Brow, David Camero ad Nick Clegg istead of just votig for MPs.
DEBUTS - from top, the Cruze, Orlando, Camero and Volt