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a camera that takes a sequence of photographs that can give the illusion of motion when viewed in rapid succession

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After the drama of four exploding tyre blowouts in last Sunday's British Grand Prix, the race was run without similar incidents other than when an errant wheel flew off Webber's car during a pit-stop and struck a tv camerman in the back.
Como respuesta a esta critica, Grauwe y Camerman (2002) realizaron un estudio comparando el valor agregado de las empresas y el resultado contradice radicalmente la critica.
Producer Jebriel Abu Kamil reported to MADA that he accompanied his colleagues (broadcaster Murad Hassan, journalist Nabil Abu Deyah, camerman Mohamed Alraa'i, sound technician Emad Alkheribi, and producer Walaa Bayari) to the Farahin area to report about the farmers ' plight for the Iqraa channel.
Then a BBC camerman onboard suffered a heart attack and they had to change course again.
The results of past research indicate a significant relationship between each component of organisational justice and trust in the supervisor (Konovsky & Pugh 1994, Stinglhamber, De Cremer & Mercken 2006, Camerman, Cropanzano & Vandenberghe 2007) while feelings of trust in the LMX relationship will result in long term reciprocal obligations (Rhoades & Eisenberger 2002).
Front: Adam Potter, Louie Goggs, Will Rushton, Dominic North, George English-Burns (zyhudd281111warlker) * ABOVE: Warley's Rory Ellis (blue, No 7) gets in a clearance to deny Morgan Jasiok in their 3-0 defeat to Howden Clough in the RCD Under 12 Division I (zyhudd281111ellisker) * RIGHT: Sky Sports News reporter Paul Burland and camerman Stuart Forster conduct post-match interviews as Howden Clough extend their unbeaten run to 40 matches in the RCD Huddersfield Junior League (zyhudd281111intker)
Camerman Igor Bezborodov, correspondents Chinara Sydykova and Aijan Ismailova were attacked.
Having armed himself with a camerman and a microphone, Pursey has been busy documenting the 2011 Classic on film, and releasing his work via social media and networking outlets.
A TOP wildlife camerman has called for wolves to be reintroduced to Scotland.
Myself and Sayed Ragab, the writer, and Nestor Calvo, the camerman, tried to create an unreal world from the real world of poor Egypt.
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming Conrad, my camerman, wanted me to wait for the goat to step into the open; he assumed I was about to shoot.
Among those killed was Reuters TV camerman Hiro Muramoto, a 43-year-old Japanese national who had worked for Thomson Reuters in Tokyo for more than 15 years and had arrived in Bangkok on Thursday to cover the protests.
They commented on her concise and informative reporting as she, along with her producer Ashraf Amritti and Iyad Al-Dahdouh, her camerman, were caught up in violent street battles between Hamas fighters and Palestinian security forces in June last year.
While there I took a still camerman to Arawe at the south end of New Britain, (which was) recently captured from the Japanese.