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You do not realise the burden that you lay upon yourself, when you gather into your hands such great wealth, besides the fact that no one, who is not accustomed to camels from his birth, can ever manage the stubborn beasts.
I selected ten of the best camels, and we proceeded along the road, to rejoin those I had left behind.
As before, the dervish made no difficulties, and I drove off my ten camels in triumph, only leaving him with twenty for his share.
The dervish said no more and left me, speechless with shame and confusion, and so wretched that I stood rooted to the spot, while he collected the eighty camels and proceeded on his way to Balsora.
I could not rest as long as one solitary camel remained to the dervish; and returning to him I redoubled my prayers and embraces, and promises of eternal gratitude, till the last twenty were in my hands.
He pointed out that the Sudanese camels have achieved record numbers and won a number of races.
01, 2019, SPA -- Sudan topped other Arab participants in terms of camel jockeys participating in Crown Prince Camel Race, currently ongoing at the camel field in Taif province.
Herders have been known to survive solely on the milk when taking the camels on long-distance journeys through the desert and arid areas.
The Ala-Archa state residence hosted first international conference "Camel Culture in Central Asia: historical heritage and prospects".
It is estimated that yearly turnover of camel milk both in informal and formal trade has surpassed Sh10 billion per annum, and all the milk is produced by 3.3 million camels.
Chairman Anatomy Dr Anas Sarwar Qureshi said that the global productions is estimated as 35 million head whereas Pakistan possess about one million camels including double humped camels.
He claimed that Pakistani camels are the highest milk producing animals in the region.
Camels are found in arid and semi-arid areas of the world.
KUWAIT, March 26 (KUNA) -- One can grow mildly intoxicated with the powerful yet wonderful whiffs engulfing the camel race arena after crowning the winners.
He said they get about 15 litres per week and the customers have to wait before they can get the milk as camels take time to produce it.