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a viral disease of camels closely related to smallpox

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Rapid non-enzymatic extraction method for isolating PCR-quality camelpox virus DNA from skin.
The gene sequence alignments of selected representative human pathogenic orthopoxviruses and camelpox virus, the most closely related to variola virus (18) are shown in Fig.
Iraqi bioweapons specialists are known to have been working with the camelpox virus, which may be used as a surrogate for research on smallpox therapies and vaccines and for the development of the smallpox virus as a weapon.
It could be that only a small set of changes would be necessary for camelpox virus to infect people, " he added.
Iraq's research into viruses - including polio, influenza, foot and mouth disease, the camelpox virus, infectious haemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus and rotavirus - was also worrying.