Camelina sativa

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annual European false flax having small white flowers

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People in the lean and fatty fish groups were instructed to eat lean or fatty fish four times a week, and people in the camelina oil group were asked to use 30 ml of camelina sativa oil daily.
A nutritionally-enhanced oil from transgenic Camelina sativa effectively replaces fish oil as a source of eicosapentaenoic acid for fish.
Establishment and in vitro regeneration studies of the potential oil crop species Camelina sativa. Plant Cell Tiss.
Camelina (Camelina sativa) a member of mustard family is being introduced as an alternate oilseed crop.
Camelina sativa oil offers a valuable substitute for the edible oils, because Camelina sativa plant grows quickly in infertile grounds.
False flax, German sesame and Siberian oilseed are the names used for oil seed crop, Camelina sativa L.
Unlike Brazil, where biofuel is manufactured largely from sugar-cane, or the US where it is primarily distilled from corn, the Caspian region's ace resource is an indigenous plant called Camelina Sativa. This can make the region rich in biofuels, helping a great deal in the diversification of its sources of energy.
'Camelina sativa' has a short growth cycle and a greater resistance to drought, which means that it can be grown in desert areas in Pakistan.
While Ilham Aliyev (there are too many Aliyevs in Azerbaijan) has followed Tehran's lead in not working properly on harnessing what the Caspian Sea and its southern coast-line offers in terms of renewable energy resources, such as a sturdy plant called camelina sativa or geo-thermal power from the mud volcanoes.
Camelina, also known as false flax, is native to Mediterranean regions of Europe and Asia.The most commonly known and studied species of this plant is camelina sativa, historically cultivated as an oil plant.
Pandey's research also revealed that when G proteins quantities were elevated in Camelina sativa, the plant produced more seeds, which were also bigger in size.
False flax (Camelina sativa) as an example of such alternative sources of raw material is one of the oldest cultural plants.
I should mention a little history about Camelina (Camelina sativa L).
The fuel was certified to the new American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D7566/D1655 standard and the biofuel used was derived from the oilseed crops, Camelina sativa (49%) and Brassica carinata (1%), Bombardier said in a statement.