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The singular appearance of the cameleopard and the head of a man, has, it seems, given offence to the notions of propriety entertained, in general, by the wild animals domesticated in the city.
The populace are hailing him 'Prince of Poets,' as well as 'Glory of the East,' 'Delight of the Universe,' and 'Most Remarkable of Cameleopards.' They have encored his effusion, and do you hear?
Afterward, when a doubt is raised as to whether the audience is really enjoying another humdrum number, a member of the cast comments, "Don't worry, they liked the dog act, didn't they?" One feels like someone at a performance of The King's Cameleopard, or The Royal Nonesuch!
Inasmuch as the Church has been functioning (as Thomas Babington Macaulay famously put it) since cameleopards and tigers bounded in the Flavian amphitheater, the body of putatively authoritative social teaching is, as one might imagine, not merely copious but complex.