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the sport of racing camels

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General Saif Abdullah Al Shafar, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, announced this at the final meeting of the Special Committee for follow-up, compensation and rehabilitation of the child camel jockeys, who had already been repatriated to their home countries.
SPARC board member Shaheen Atiqur Rehman highlighted the issue of child trafficking in Punjab, saying that a number of communities had been involved in the shameful act of transporting kids to the UAE where they are sold as camel jockeys.
During 2009, the Government of Pakistan completed a four-year project to repatriate and rehabilitate child camel jockeys who had been trafficked to the United Arab Emirates.
A UAE delegation, which arrived in Dhaka recently, handed over the money to be distributed among 879 children who had been trafficked to the UAE to serve as camel jockeys.
Summary: The United Arab Emirates gave $1.43 million to Bangladeshi authorities to compensate children used as under-aged camel jockeys in the desert state, a minister said Wednesday.
After he's wiped out the "camel jockeys" on his PlayStation that is.
Sheikh Mohammed (left) and Sheikh Hamdan are currently on the wrong end of a lawsuit accusing them of enslaving thousands of young boys - some as young as two - and forcing them to work as camel jockeys in their home state.
The UAE is a major destination for women sex slaves, the Bush State Department reported in June 2005, as well as imported child slaves, stolen or purchased from other countries, who serve as camel jockeys. A law passed in April 2005 supposedly outlawed the practice, which features oil-rich sheiks gambling on the races, while the children, who run the risk of being trampled to death, train in the burning dessert, live in hovels, and beg for water.
The government of Qatar is serious about this problem and plans to set the age limit below which children cannot act as camel jockeys at 12 years, according to the researchers.
The United Arab Emirates was testing robot camel jockeys to replace the more traditional, but now unfashionable, slave boys.
The report notes that thousands of boys as young as five years of age are traded around the world, especially from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to United Arab Emirates to work as camel jockeys.
Thousands of boys as young as five were traded from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates each year to work as camel jockeys, it said.
Another group of youngsters in a rehabilitation center that we helped to finance had been rescued from Persian Gulf countries where they had been kidnapped as camel jockeys. I found it all quite depressing.
State Department said in a report on human rights that despite the UAE government ban, a significant number of camel jockeys in the country are children.