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the sport of racing camels

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Summary: The United Arab Emirates gave $1.43 million to Bangladeshi authorities to compensate children used as under-aged camel jockeys in the desert state, a minister said Wednesday.
State Department said, a 5-year-old abandoned Bangladeshi child jockey whose leg had been broken by a camel was reportedly hospitalized in the UAE, while last August a 4-year-old Bangladeshi camel jockey was found wandering in the desert after he was abandoned by his handlers.
Quinn, a 6ft 4in giant, recalls: "I was on holiday with Steve Smith-Eccles and he introduced me as a champion camel jockey.
But he spent the next five years of his life as a camel jockey.
Other portraits in the show tell the stories of two young acrobats in the famous Jamma-Lafna square of Marrakesh; a poor boy who was sent by his family to work as a camel jockey in the UAE, and found true familial affection from an Emirati family; young women serving prison sentences for fighting back against domestic abuse; and of ordinary people such as a laundry worker, and a chauffeur.
Author Dr Fikri M Abu-Zidan studied child camel jockey patients at Al Ain Hospital between 2002 and 2005 and compiled a report entitled 'Prevention of Child Camel Jockey Injuries: A Success Story From The UAE'.
DON'T TAKE THE HUMP: Camel jockey Jennifer Wells takes a rest at the Wirral Show at the Dips, New Brighton.
It sued JBS Swift, a meatpacking company, on behalf of 160 Somali immigrants; it filed a case against Abercrombie & Fitch, the clothing retailer, for refusing to hire a Muslim who wore a head scarf; and it sued a Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Phoenix, charging that an Iraqi immigrant was called a "camel jockey."
Many poor countries in Africa and in our neighbourhood provided a steady supply of children to serve as camel jockeys despite fears of varied child abuses in camel jockey training camps, and the dangers of injury from falling amidst a herd of racing camels.
Abu Dhabi: A driver and a camel jockey were caught by the Abu Dhabi Police on of kidnapping another driver in the Western Region in a bid to coerce him into repaying an overdue loan, a statement by the Abu Dhabi Police said.
But he could find no more for his rider, formerly a top camel jockey in the UAE, and he was reined in by Monterosso.
The Hague, The Netherlands Ahmad Al Ajtebi rose from the ranks of a camel jockey to become a world-class flat-racing jockey and today two women endurance riders will take a huge step in creating history by becoming the first Emirati lady jockeys.
That is because it is a win for the Emirates team," said the former camel jockey, who has now registered five wins in the 2010 Carnival.
ISLAMABAD, 13 APRIL 2009 (BALOCHISTAN TIMES) -- A high level UAE delegation on Monday reviewed progress on rehabilitation of camel jockey boys, the UAE embassy said here Monday.
Thursday's Classic win adds to an impressive string of victories for the former camel jockey who landed a double at last season's Dubai World Cup meeting and claimed a famous win in the Breeder's Cup Juvenile at the end of 2009.