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a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel

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Khatta Weaving is the making of rich traditional rugs with goat hair, camel hair and mixed yarn in Baluchistan Province.
The UN Organization on January 22 officially launched International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF) 2009 to celebrate the virtues of cotton, flax, sisal and hemp, but also of wool, alpaca, camel hair and angora, the report added.
she was beautiful in her camel hair coat that seemed like the autumn
All the while, the emails pour in to the website, mostly from people who would love to hold Tubby's camel hair," it says.
The Real Madrid star was seriously dressed to combat the cold in a snappy camel hair coat, but Victoria's outfit looked like it was designed purely to keep her plum puddings warm.
I always thought people who collect bizarre stuff like matchboxes and used camel hair a little strange.
A large crowd is gathered to hear this strange man dressed in camel hair and a leather belt, eating locusts and honey, in order to confess their sins and to be baptized.
Blankets in new blends, which may incorporate camel hair or linen and wool/silk mixes along with special finishing processes, are now softer to the touch than ever before.
Then again, perhaps the interchangeability is intentional, a nod to Shakespeare's ironic attitude toward politicians: Catherine Zuber costumes all the characters in plain, slightly rumpled black suits, white shirts and ties, which they all exchange for handsome khakis and camel hair coats when civil war breaks out after Caesar's assassination.
Wool and silk are the most common materials in an Oriental rug, although cotton and camel hair are used as well.
According to Olympic Bedding, more than 20 Connecticut stores were sold mattresses with camel hair, including Carolina Furniture Outlet, Bedding for Less, Mattress Wholesalers, Rooms Above the Rest, and Torrington Mattresses.
Group - half a dozen or so, one in a camel hair coat, very burly.
First wife Barbara Rose says, What Frank wanted was a blonde Smith girl with a camel hair coat and that was me,, and then shuffles off.
Winitz, the president and founder of Claremont Rug Company, said, "The Bostonian Collection includes a total of 35 antique Persian rugs woven 1800 to 1850 and 15 highly sought after undyed camel hair rugs dating back to ca 1830.
The recent study was focusing on analysis of corticosteroids in camel hair to better understand their health implications and to control in and out of competition doping.