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Jones and I climbed into a woven blind nestled long the spreading branches of a camel thorn tree.
Ghaghoo refers to a species of camel thorn acacia tree which is abundant in the area, and is the name which residents of the CKGR have historically used to refer to the Gope area, prior to the arrival of the geological exploration teams over thirty years ago who re-named the area Gope, which literally translated, means nowhere .
WE SPOTTED THE elephant bull resting in the shade of a distant camel thorn tree at midday.
The combinations of cliffs and mud banks, camel thorn and elephant grass, tangled roots and passageways, that suggested an immense beige, brown, and yellow patchwork quilt, has always been a troubling area for the police, forget the civilians.
The gnarled branches of camel thorn acacias and Shepard's trees were silhouetted against the brightening sky, and the tops of tawny grasses swayed in a gentle breeze.