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a city in southwestern New Jersey on the Delaware River near Philadelphia

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We are pleased to announce the completion of our merger," commented Gregory Dufour, president and chief executive officer of Camden National Bank.
BOP Consulting, which led the research and produced the report, said that Camden Market could face losses of [pounds sterling]91.
The Camden local government area is the location of a projected population growth of 390.
What's the number one quality Camden looks for in its employees?
This is a large and elegantly-written book that will provide future scholars of Camden and his environment with plenty of grist.
Medina's family moved to the US from Puerto Rico when he was a child, and he has fond memories of growing up in Camden.
The Camden Group recommended closure of the hospital's mental health department, but Wong said he would like to analyze that idea over the next couple of months.
When completed, the project will help NJTF and the Camden Public Housing Authority find the most suitable locations for new trees while quantifying the air quality, energy conservation, and water storage benefits provided by the existing tree canopy.
Camden is a place where people are so poor that cigarettes are sold one at a time.
Joanne Campbell, executive vice president of risk management, has been with Camden National for 15 years and is in charge of risk management, information security, internal audit, compliance and regulatory relations.
I am excited to join the board of directors of Camden National and serve the shareholders of these two merging companies," said Ott.
These include monies from the state's $175 million commitment to redeveloping the city through the Camden Economic Recovery Board, an EDA subsidiary, which has approved almost $100 million in grants for Camden projects in recent years.
Camden is the archetypal post-industrial slum, nine square miles of almost unmitigated misery.
2] These additions seem notable eno ugh to suggest that Camden had revised his assessment of the place and importance of the leading county families in English society, and they signal, as well, an altered conception of the relative proportions of Britannnids constituent elements.
Directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Camden squeezes 200 liquor stores and 200 churches into nine square miles - sin and salvation in perpetual battle for 87,000 souls.