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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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The Squire relates an incomplete tale of the Tartar king Cambyuskan (Cambuscan), who receives four magical gifts: a brass horse that can fly anywhere safely but at astonishing speed, a sword that can penetrate armor and heal wounds, a mirror that tells of future dangers, and a ring that enables its wearer to understand the speech of birds and to know the medicinal properties of every plant.
The story he leaves unfinished tells of three gifts sent to Canacee, daughter of King Cambuscan. Each of the gifts has magical powers: a ring that enables the bearer to talk to birds, a brass horse that will take its rider anywhere, and a mirror that shows the truth and the future.
The first part tells of the birthday feast of the Tartar king Cambuscan, to whom a mysterious knight brings four magical gifts -- a brass horse, a mirror, a ring, and a sword -- and explains their workings.
Cecilia) Shipman ' s Tale (the miserly merchant, his wife, and the monk) Squire ' s Tale (Cambuscan and Canacee) Summoner ' s Tale (Thomas and the friar) Thopas, Sir (told by Chaucer) Wife of Bath ' s Tale (the knight and the hag)