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theater light at the front of a stage that illuminate the set and actors

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The Cambridge Footlights played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning a week performing in a tiny London theater in front of "what was then the 'national press,' five people with clinically extreme dandruff.
Career Perkins became president of the Cambridge Footlights in 1990, and in 1993 was shortlisted (with Giedroyc) for the Best Newcomer Award at Edinburgh.
He said: "I started my career at the Festival in 1963 with Cambridge Footlights in a church hall in Laurieston and met Terry Jones and Michael Palin.
That's a title which is a bit of a joke in itself, like you'll get the Cambridge Footlights Revue (at Edinburgh's Fringe), which will be really high energy.
Women then were meant to be decorative and I was never decorative" - Actress Miriam Margolyes recalls when she was the only woman in the Cambridge Footlights in the 1960s
1 HUGH LAURIE Former Cambridge Footlights alum Laurie was best known for playing posh English characters.
He failed to get into Oxford University but was offered a place at Cambridge to study history, becoming president of Cambridge Footlights, where he met Robert Webb.
5 The Cambridge Footlights: Perfect Strangers Venue Pleasance Dome With 50 years at the Fringe, the Cambridge Footlights are still a must-have ticket.
Director Keith Hill explains: "It is a compendium of material from Edwardian days and music hall to Cambridge Footlights, Beyond the Fringe and the 1980s and 1990s.
Fifty years ago only Cambridge Footlights actors or drunken Lords would have climbed up there.
His second full UK tour, it sees him bring his staggeringly intelligent and articulate ruminations to theatre-sized venues, and the former Cambridge Footlights performer is adapting to the larger spaces on this jaunt.
The last sketch team to have won the prize was the Cambridge Footlights, featuring Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry, back in 1981.
John's family moved from Birmingham to Bedford when he was 11 and he later joined the renowned Cambridge Footlights at Cambridge University.
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