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a university in England

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a city in eastern England on the River Cam

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* 1986-TheWorld Who's Who of Women, Cambridge, England
William is survived by his parents, Andrew and Amy Keith; sister, Charlotte and brother, Sam of Natick, MA; his grandparents, Bernard and Kathleen Forletta of Shrewsbury, MA and Paul and Christine Keith of Clifton, England; and his uncles, Patrick Forletta of Westboro, MA and James Keith of Clifton, England; and his aunt, Elizabeth Keith of Cambridge, England. Visiting hours at the John Everett and Sons Funeral Home, 4 Park St., at Natick Common, are Friday, April 12, from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M.
Rankings editor Phil Baty said: "Outside the golden triangle of London, Oxford and Cambridge, England's worldclass universities face a collapse into global mediocrity.
Lyttleton of Cambridge University, Cambridge, England....
Since 2006 he has lived in Cambridge, England, with his wife, Reverend Alice Goodman.
But a computer programmer in Cambridge, England, says that he's figured out the most boring day of the past century.
A lecturer and TV commentator on economics and political philosophy based in Cambridge, England, Pirie offers a new take on philosophy 101 by summarizing in little over a page the ideas of thinkers he considers to have had most impact and significance on human thought.
Antonio Viana, an executive board member of ARM Holdings, based in Cambridge, England said, The announcement refers to working together on Windows Embedded and Windows Phone.
He also holds a master's degree in Philosophy from Corpus Christi College of Cambridge University, Cambridge, England.
The drug developer says the Pfizer Regenerative Medicine unit will be based in Cambridge, Mass., and in Cambridge, England, and will collectively employ about 70 researchers initially.
The Bible found its way into the hands of Richard Luckett, librarian at Magdalene College in Cambridge, England.
Amino (based in Cambridge, England), an IPTV platform supplier, on March 10 announced that Telefonia Bonairiano NV selected the AmiNET125 multi-codec Set-Top-Box to power "mitv", the first IPTV service in the island of Bonaire over ADSL2+ network.
Chinese scientists presented the results of anti-aging research at the third biennial Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) conference held this fall in Cambridge, England. * They reported using Life Extension's highly purified acetyl-L-carnitine in experiments on specially bred mice, which exhibit signs of cognitive impairment associated with oxidative stress and decreased life span.
Simon Conway Morris from the University of Cambridge, England, he has identified a previously unknown fossil animal called Orthrozanclus reburrus.
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