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Synonyms for Cambrian

from 544 million to about 500 million years ago

a native or resident of Wales

of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language


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Members of the Cambrian fauna are ubiquitous across the shelf during the Cambrian Period but become progressively more restricted to outer shelf and basinal habitats during the Ordovician, when the Paleozoic fauna diversifies and becomes dominant in shelf environments (see Sepkoski 1991b, 1992).
1995); moreover, lingulid brachiopods, remnants of the Cambrian fauna, dwell even today in tropical intertidal settings.
This suggests to Collins that Cambrian fauna had been evolutionarily stable for some time--which may imply that early evolution occurred either faster or even earlier than paleontologists commonly suppose.
Vendian faunas are related to Cambrian faunas on wholly theoretical grounds, which may strike readers as the sort of "just-so story" maligned in older works.