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Synonyms for Cambrian

from 544 million to about 500 million years ago

a native or resident of Wales

of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language


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The latest stratigraphie chart of the Cambrian System in Estonia (Mens & Pirrus 1997b, p.
The Cambrian System has been traditionally subdivided into three series in Estonia.
Although the global stratotype section and point for the lower boundary of the Cambrian System was approved in 1992 (Brasier et al.
In December 2004, the International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy held a ballot on the subdivision of the Cambrian System and a fourfold subdivision was approved (Babcock et al.
Cambrian Systems and Lucent Technologies have announced their collaboration on interoperability between their metropolitan and long haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing systems, which enable service providers to build flexible, scalable and cost-effective networks.
Cambrian Systems (PINKSHEETS: CAMS), an independent oil and gas company with a primary focus on acquiring, developing and participating in the United States crude oil and natural gas properties, has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire an 84-acre lease in the Green County, Kentucky.