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Synonyms for Cambrian

from 544 million to about 500 million years ago

a native or resident of Wales

of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language


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It's a mad league because everybody is beating everybody," said Cambrian team manager Marc Whitford.
For that specific research, he explained Mykytczuk would be working with the team at Cambrian College to help her design an implementation plan.
Pensord said it is committed to maintaining the 50 plus workforce at Cambrian Printers and building on its litho printing of catalogues and brochures, as well as its commercial and digital work.
Marksmen estimates there are at least an additional five drilling locations on the Davis-Holbrook 3D Cambrian Knox remnant on which the Davis-Holbrook #1 well was drilled.
One of the side effects of true polar wander is that sea level rises near the equator but falls near the poles, so the equatorial migration of most Cambrian land masses would have enhanced diversification into previously lower-diversity environments.
Kate Smallwood commented on the collaboration with Cambrian Heritage Railways saying, "I was really pleased when Andrew contacted me to further involve the poppies within their commemorative events.
Announcing the award, Championship co-ordinator Dave Evison said: "We were delighted with the standard of every round of the championship but we were particularly impressed with the way the Cambrian organising team had taken the trouble to listen to feedback from competitors and responded accordingly.
In order to compare the age spectra of detrital zircon from sandstones, particularly of pre-Early Cambrian and of post-Cambrian intervals, we dated detrital zircon grains obtained from the Ediacaran and Lower Cambrian (Stage 2; early Tommotian) sandstones of central Baltica.
Tamisiocaris belongs to a group of animals called anomalocarids, a type of early arthropod that included the largest and some of the most iconic animals of the Cambrian period.
Among the topics are Mississippi Valley-type mineralization and ore deposits in the bank, the Cambrian-Lower Middle Ordovician passive carbonate margin in the southern Appalachians, the development of the Lower Cambrian-Middle Ordivian carbonate platform in the North Atlantic region, Cambrian-Ordovician sedimentary rocks of Alaska, tectonic influences on sedimentation in the miogeocline of western central Utah, the Argentine precordillera as a little American carbonate bank, the Sauk megasequence from the Reelfoot Rift to southwestern Missouri, and the Upper Cambrian Gatesburg Formation of central and western Pennsylvania.
The findings, published online today in the journal Current Biology, resolve "Darwin's dilemma": the sudden appearance of a plethora of modern animal groups in the fossil record during the early Cambrian period.
THE Prince of Wales has hosted a Clarence House reception in support of the Cambrian Mountains Initiative.
Cambrian will be responsible for the personal care product line- antimicrobials/preservatives, skin care actives and UV filters--as well as NISARG natural extract products throughout all the Canadian provinces.
Cambrian College's School of Health Sciences may have saved the jobs of nine people who work on Manitoulin Island.
PRESTATYN avoided a potential banana skin to move into the last 16 of the Welsh Cup at the expense of a battling Cambrian and Clydach side.