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Timor-Leste was on the side of the Cold War where this record could escape the ominous label of a crime against Humanity, although it does stand the comparison to the Killing Fields of Cambodja (the Khmer Rouge regime is responsible for perhaps 1.7 million deaths in the years 1975-1979, a figure that amounts to approximately one quarter of the entire population of 7 million people) and thus did not trigger any intervention that would stop the genocide.
Inicialmente, a maior parte deste investimento foi para paises vizinhos, como o Laos, Birmania e Cambodja. No entanto, a escassez de terras e a expansao da populacao nesses paises conduziram ao recuo dessa politica e levaram o governo chines a voltar a sua atencao para a Africa.
Vietnam 0,5% Sri Lanka 0,5% Paquistao 0,5% Myanmar 0,5% Mongolia 0,5% Indonesia 0,5% India 0,5% Bangladesh 0,5% Filipinas 16% China 25% Coreia do Sul 94% Malasia 95% Tailandia 97% Hong Kong 99% Taiwan 100% Singapura 100% Nova Zelandia 100% Japao 100% Australia 100% * Nao ha informacoes sobre a triagem neonatal no Cambodja, Coreia do Norte, Laos e Nepal.