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Synonyms for Cambodian

a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language


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Those problems originate from the leadership that leaves the democratic path, and it is the root cause for most Cambodians living in poverty,' he said.
Starting in 1980, Ishizawa worked side by side with Cambodians, networked with international experts and organizations, campaigned in the Japanese media to generate awareness and support, and devised programs for Angkor's protection and conservation,' said the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation (RMF).
Chinese Cambodians were among the first to flee the country when Khmer Rouge forces seized the wealthy province's assets.
Some 400,000 Cambodians including those who departed have reportedly worked and stayed in Thailand.
Scores of volunteers have donated food, clothing, blankets and other household items to those now living in temporary housing and The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, a nonprofit that has been helping Cambodians in Lowell for three decades, has set up a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding website gofundme.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday that Thai troops have fired more than 50,000 artillery rounds into Cambodia since fighting between the two sides erupted again on April 22 along their disputed border.
However, without Cambodians educated to provide either the services or the training to implement the priority, international organizations had to step in.
Edwards puts much emphasis on the secular, French educational system that was introduced into Cambodia to train an elite group of Cambodians who served as "official translators and cultural advisers" (73).
Thai and Cambodian troops faced off at a disputed border zone as military officials from both sides headed for urgent peace talk, a day after a deadly gun battle erupted near an 11th century temple.
Gallup's poll indicates that about half of Cambodians (51%) are also unopposed to foreign companies buying big companies in Cambodia, while just one-third (33%) say this should be prohibited.
The standoff nearly erupted into violence late Thursday, when witnesses said troops twice pointed their guns at each other during 10 tense minutes at the pagoda when 50 Cambodian troops entered the pagoda compound to protect food supplies for dozens of monks.
Between songs, it was silence," bassist Senon Williams recalls of the makeshift Bassac show, where the group's typical dance-happy hipster crowds were replaced by 500 or so shell-shocked Cambodians, "just smiling or just glaring with this look on their face.
The first detailed nearly weekly nocturnal events of a type known among her fellow Cambodians as "the ghost pushes you down.
Pol's solution, amazingly, was to refuse to admit workers to his newly founded Communist Party and, drawing on his spiritual roots in Buddhism, to cultivate instead a "proletarian consciousness" in all Cambodians by making peasants of them.