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Synonyms for Cambodian

a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language


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From 1980 to 1992, Canadian resettlement opportunities were provided for 18,602 Cambodians (McLellan 1995).
The Monday flights marked the first time Thailand deported illegal Cambodians by aircraft.
Cambodians, who numbered 171,937 in the 2000 Census, arrived mostly in the late 70s and early 80s as part of a wave of Southeast Asian resettlement--the largest refugee relocation in U.S.
The country's trained agriculturalists had either been murdered or forced to flee, farmers had been relocated to unfamiliar soils and terrain, and most of the traditional Cambodian seed had been eaten.
Cambodians in Lowell are at disproportional risk for morbidity and mortality due to CVD and diabetes.
Unfortunately, stories like this are very familiar to many Cambodians who had to suffer through similar ordeals.
There were only three hundred Cambodians, and they were dancing, making instruments, teaching their kids to dance.
At one point during the workshop, Lipsky recounts, there was an impromptu conference with Samnang Wilson and the local Cambodians about a moment taken from the book in which Ngor and other survivors take out their revenge on a stray Khmer Rouge, ultimately decapitating him and installing his head under a sign reading "Khmer Rouge, enemy forever."
Few have been harmed so thoroughly by theIndochina wars as the unlucky Cambodians. The mass executions carried out by the victorious Khmer Rouge in the "killing fields' of Cambodia struck most people as an anomaly; Cambodia's had seemed such a peaceful and, more importantly, homogenous culture.
The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Bangkok has announced that it will conduct visits throughout Thailand to assess the challenges Cambodian workers face and provide them with services at their workplaces or residences.
John Phelan, who was executive director of the International Institute of Los Angeles from 1975 to 1984, helped organize the resettlement of 22,000 Cambodians, many of whom landed in Southern California.
'Starting in 1980, Ishizawa worked side by side with Cambodians, networked with international experts and organizations, campaigned in the Japanese media to generate awareness and support, and devised programs for Angkor's protection and conservation,' said the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation (RMF).
Laux says that surprisingly most of her customers are American, with only 'some Asian, and a few Cambodians'.
Long Beach is home to the largest community of Cambodians outside of the Southeast Asian nation.
Doing this, we can reduce imports of finished products and increase local production to create more jobs for Cambodians,' he said.