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Speaking at the event, Othsman Hassan, Secretary of State, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Kingdom of Cambodia, said he is keen on transforming the transport landscape in Cambodia and is looking forward to the private participation to take Cambodia forward.
The ministry's spokesman Top Sopheak on Tuesday said Cambodia is a great destination for Japanese tourists, especially Siem Reap province's temples.
A civil war began for the next five years between the Khmer Rouge and the military forces who had overthrown Cambodia's monarchy.
In 1996, Cambodia's First Prime Minister openly accused Vietnam of encroaching on Cambodian territory and discussions on settling the dispute have been going on since.
But will the MoU and MATRADE bring Malaysian investors to Cambodia?
Cambodia's Membership in International Organizations
Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition also told ( BBC that Cambodia was a poor country with a record of corruption.
Statistics of the Council for Development of Cambodia show that in 2010, Chinese investments in Cambodia reached $694 million, $1.19 billion in 2011 and in just the first part of 2012 $1.41 billion.
Demand for feed in Cambodia is growing steadily in conjunction with higher demand for meat, and is expected to double from approximately 1.2 million tons in 2008 to 2.5 million tons in 2014.
The United States conducted a sustained, large-scale bombing campaign against North Vietnamese military positions in Cambodia until 1973.
Thong Khon, minister of tourism, said it was ''a great honor and matter of pride'' for Cambodia to organize the event in a magnificent building near the Angkor Wat temple complex, one of the world's top tourism destinations.
As part of my work in Cambodia, I made numerous information-gathering visits to villages in Kampot Province.
The riveting chapter on the fall of Phnom Penh alone makes Philip Short's biography of Pol Pot, the enigmatic Khmer Rouge leader who masterminded the evacuation and became Cambodia's dictator, worth reading.
Through our USAID programs, we are assisting non-governmental organizations in Cambodia in a wide range of areas, including human rights, labor rights, good governance, rule of law, and an independent press.
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