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Julliet Baccot, On G'nur et Cay a O Russey: Syncretisme religieux dans un village cham du Cambodge (unpublished PhD diss.
Mots cles: Hancart Petitet, reproduction humaine, sterilisation masculine, marchandisation du corps, inegalites, globalisation, Cambodge
Specificite d'une pratique de possession dans le Cambodge contemporain" [The kru baromei: The specificity of a possession practice in contemporary Cambodia].
12) See George Coedes, 'Etudes cambodgiennes XVIII: L'extension du Cambodge vers le sud-ouest au VIIe siecle (nouvelles inscriptions de Chantaboun)', Bulletin de l'Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient (BEFEO) 24, 3-4 (1924): 352-8, and Michel Lorrillard, 'Pre-Angkorian communities in the middle Mekong valley (Laos and adjacent areas)', in Revire and Murphy, Before Siam, pp.
State owned Electricite du Cambodge (ED C) hopes to provide electricity to all villages by 2020 and to 70 percent of all rural households by 2030.
L'auteure explique comment les missionnaires francais qui sont retournes au Cambodge apres le conflit ont privilegie repandre le catholicisme parmi la population khmer et ont neglige, voire discrimine, la minorite vietnamienne.
To describe the number and size of HIV infection clusters among the outbreak cases, phylogenetic analysis was performed on blood specimens from case patients by the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge.
One month after the Paris attacks, residents living near Carillon cafe and Petit Cambodge restaurant adorn the street with colourful flags, in Paris, France, on Sunday.
2) George Coedes, Inscriptions du Cambodge (IC), Hanoi and Paris, Bulletin de I'Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient (BEFEO), vol.
Nestled amid the piles of flowers and gutted candles in front of Le Petit Cambodge restaurant where Jardry made his pilgrimage, are lyrics from Douce France (Sweet France) by French singer Charles Trenet, a poem by George Brassens, and a more contemporary sampling from slam artist Grand Corps Malade.
I was two minutes away from Le Petit Cambodge and the Carillonmy usual cantinas, and the first places to be hitand about ten minutes from the Bataclan theater.
En Le Petit Cambodge, 15 personas perdieron la vida, 10 heridos.
30pm - Two explosions are heard near the Stade de France, followed an hour later by reports of a shooting at the Petit Cambodge restaurant about five miles away.
The attack in the area, which left 20 dead, targeted the Petit Cambodge Cambodian restaurant and Le Carillon bar.