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a garment made of camlet fabric

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a fabric of Asian origin

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He also had a selection of overcoats made from mohair yarns, or from a camblet weave of German goatshair, or a heavy, coarse Petersham woolen identified with the pilot coats worn by seamen and used for hunting.
The price of such domestic staples as flannel and twilled cloth in the early 1830s, an important part of Edney's purchases, fluctuated by as much as 40 percent.(51) During the winter of 1837-8 Cooke made repeated requests of Edney to send him clothing of mohair, camblet, blankets, and green, brown, and black cloths, but Edney could not get hold of the fabrics.
Yet another received a crape gown, a callimancoe gown and a camblet cloak.(29) Ann Ibbotson, another widow of small wealth, with an inventory valued at [pounds]148, but no real property and less than [pounds]40 in cash legacies, left one friend her black crape gown, her callimancoe quilt and red flannel petticoat, and another her best muslin apron.(30) Katherine Bragg who lived at a similar social level, with no property and cash bequests of only [pounds]35.00, left one friend a crimson silk damask night gown, another a black silk night gown, another a silk gown, another two friends two unspecified gowns, and the daughter of a friend a black silk negligee and petticoat.(31) Ann Waterhouse, a relatively wealthy spinster had 4 houses and [pounds]1700 in cash to leave.
a green cloth coat, with a crimson velvet cape, a red plush do [i.e., ditto], with blue cuffs and cape, a deep blue camblet jacket, with gold lace at the sleeves, down the breast and round the collar, a pair of Russia drab overalls, a white shirt, two osnabrig do, a pair of pumps and buckles, with sundry other cloaths,
Jachne, a cooper, also of South Carolina, who absconded in that same year, wore unremarkable clothes, but also carried with him "a suit of scarlet camblet, faced with green, a scarlet cloth waistcoat, trimmed with gold lace, and a gold laced hat".(15) These slaves, too, had managed to incorporate items of elite costume into their dress.
When we consider the weavers' mental illnesses we should also bear in mind that many of the materials produced in the factories in Norwich in the decades before the Industrial Revolution began--silk brocades and watered tabinets, satins and satinettes, camblets and cheveretts, prunelles, callimancoes and Florentines, diamantines and grenadines, blondines, bombazines, belle-isles and martiniques--were of a truly fabulous variety, and of an iridescent, quite indescribable beauty as if they had been produced by Nature itself, like the plumage of birds.
And John's profitable illegal dealings in camblets, a silk and wool specialty cloth, on his previous voyages, for which he was disciplined and fined, showed that he was ready to play the going game, whatever it was.