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to 150 forget to address I later learned that because it was first observed in the UK at Camberwell in the London area it became known as the Camberwell Beauty! On August 13 2005 whilst walking in Newborough Forest (near Llanddwyn Island) with the Cefni Walking Club, I saw it again.
"Other more unusual visitors this year have been the Marbled White and the Camberwell Beauty, which are both very attractive species," Mrs Lucas added.
The dwarf series includes 'Adonis Blue' (blue), 'Camberwell Beauty' (purple), 'Peacock' (pink) and 'Purple Emperor' (deep mauve-purple).
It was her desire for respectability that drove her to write Camberwell Beauty, a darkly comic tale of suburban lives being ruined by adultery, jealousy and pride.
Comedienne and actress Jenny is the author of best-selling novel Camberwell Beauty.
I also liked using Amazon to look up the reviews of my first novel, Camberwell Beauty, which came out last year.
Described as "the baroness of bawdiness" and "fizzingly filthy," she has hosted her own Channel 5 chat show and her first novel, Camberwell Beauty, was published last year.