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15 4/23/2009 Map Nearby #- forms label localities Collectors Catalog # captured 10 F&B: 5-7Jones, Peyton, MMNS 2291 5-Ml, 2-M2, Murray, Copley 6-F, 1-J 11 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4791 3-M2, 8-F Carson, MR Bland 12 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4894 3-M2, 1-F Carson, MR Bland 13 F&B: 8 JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4893 2-M2, 3-F, Carson, MR 3JF Bland 14 F&B: 2 JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4793 12-M2, 5-F Carson, MR Bland 15 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4797 1-F Carson, MR Bland Map label Other crayfishes Comments 10 Cambarus striatus, Procambarus acutissimus, P.
defined the specific habitat preferences of Cambarus hiwasseensis Hobbs,
Faxon (1890) in his original description of Cambarus (Orconectes) neglectus, noted that "In general appearance, this species nearly resembles C.
Comparative ecology of the crayfishes Orconectes rusticus and Cambarus tenebrosus in Doe Run, Meade County, Kentucky.
Pomatiopsis lapidaria), and the second is crayfish, principally Cambarus spp.
obtenida a partir de muestras de agua y suelo; parasita de Cambarus clarkii Girard (Crustaceae), diatomeas y desmidiaceas (Scott, 1961).
Chemosensory role of antennules in the behavioral integration of feeding by the crayfish Cambarus bartonii.
In my own studies of crayfish, for example (see sidebar "The Reviled Rusty Crayfish"), the species Cambarus robustus has expanded its range in central Ontario, possibly at the expense of another crayfish, C.
The last part of their scientific name, Cambarus diogenes, honors the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who took to living in a tub.
sent (OED scent) + -lesse, eg scentless 1605q SENESCERE Chambers senescent (Latin) EDENTATES OED edentate noun NERTERIUS Cambarus nerterius eruca, ITISa ENTERPONE OED STERCOLIN Web2 CARPOLITE OED ETIOLIPES Camponotus etiolipes floridus, ITISa REUNITERS OED erunite ESSENESSE Palindromicon II TAPADEROS OED tapadero noun AGREEMONY OED PROGNOSED OED prognose vb AEGROTARE Chambers aegrotat (Latin) DENOMINAL OED EMOTIVITY OED emotive 2c ROSANILIN Stedman ONERATING OED onerate vb, also in Web1 under onerate SYDELYNGE OED sideling
The objective of this study is to investigate Cambarus sciotensis populations across their geographic range in terms of allelic variation, population dispersal, lineage, breeding patterns, and genetic type locality by isolating microsatellite markers AP-2f and AP-2b.
Cambarus (Depressicambarus) striatus Hay [CS] Alcorn, Amite, Attala, Benton, Calhoun, Carroll, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Clarke, Clay, Covington, Forrest, Franklin, George, Greene, Grenada, Harrison, Holmes, Itawamba, Jasper, Jones, Kemper, Lafayette, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Leake, Lee, Lowndes, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Newton, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Panola, Pearl River, Perry, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Rankin, Simpson, Stone, Tippah, Tishomingo, Webster.