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341 Map Date label Latitude Longitude collected 10 33.657 -89.367 3/11/2009 11 33.697 -89.115 4/23/2009 12 33.700 -89.118 4/23/2009 13 33.732 -89.152 4/23/2009 14 33.759 -89.104 4/23/2009 15 33.765 -89.15 4/23/2009 Map Nearby #- forms label localities Collectors Catalog # captured 10 F&B: 5-7Jones, Peyton, MMNS 2291 5-Ml, 2-M2, Murray, Copley 6-F, 1-J 11 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4791 3-M2, 8-F Carson, MR Bland 12 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4894 3-M2, 1-F Carson, MR Bland 13 F&B: 8 JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4893 2-M2, 3-F, Carson, MR 3JF Bland 14 F&B: 2 JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4793 12-M2, 5-F Carson, MR Bland 15 New JG McWhirter, AM USFS 4797 1-F Carson, MR Bland Map label Other crayfishes Comments 10 Cambarus striatus, Procambarus acutissimus, P.
CAMBARUS HIWASSEENSIS HOBBS, 1981**, Samuel Flagg*, William Moon* and
Comparative study of cadmium and lead accumulations in Cambarus bartoni (Fab.) (Decapoda, Crustacea) from an acidic and neutral lake.
These included the digger crayfish (Fallicambarus fodiens), painted devil crayfish (Cambarus ludovicianus), twin crayfish (Procambarus geminus), regal burrowing crayfish (Procambarus regalis), Red River burrowing crayfish (Procambarus curdi), and an undescribed species of Procambarus (Girardiella).
Common Name Scientific Name Number of Individuals Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus 8 Northern Short-tailed Shrew Blarina brevicaudata 2 Eastern Mole Scalopus aquaticus 2 Short-tailed Weasel Mustela ermine 1 Eastern Chipmunk Tamias striatus 3 Red Squirrel Tamiasciurus hudsonicus 2 Southern Flying Squirrel Glaucomys volans 2 White-footed Mouse Peromyscus leucopus 7 Southern Red-backed Vole Clethrionomys gapperi 1 Meadow Vole Microtus pennsylvanicus 1 House Mouse Mus musculus 2 North American Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum 1 Unidentified Crayfish Cambarus sp.
We analyzed the ganglia and nerve fibers of the sea hare, Aplysia kurodai, and giant nerve fibers of the crayfish, Cambarus clarki.
kellicotti flukes are crayfish in the genera Cambarus and Orconectes.
Engle (1926) and Unger (1978) reported Cambarus (Orconectes) neglectus neglectus in the Republican and South Platte River drainages of northeastern Colorado.
Seven crayfish species representing two genera (Orconectes and Cambarus) were collected during the course of this study (Table 1).
kellicotti are freshwater crayfish, primarily of the Cambarus species, which are widely distributed throughout the Mississippi River Basin from Minnesota to Louisiana, and are commercially grown and harvested in Louisiana.
The first intermediate host is a snail (e.g., Pomatiopsis lapidaria), and the second is crayfish, principally Cambarus spp.
Obtenida a partir de muestras de agua, sobre mudas de serpiente (material estudiado); saprotrofa en exuvias de insectos, larvas de termitas y hojas sumergidas en descomposicion de Salix sp.; obtenida a partir de muestras de agua y suelo; parasita de Cambarus clarkii Girard (Crustaceae), diatomeas y desmidiaceas (Scott, 1961).
Chemosensory role of antennules in the behavioral integration of feeding by the crayfish Cambarus bartonii.
In my own studies of crayfish, for example (see sidebar "The Reviled Rusty Crayfish"), the species Cambarus robustus has expanded its range in central Ontario, possibly at the expense of another crayfish, C.