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Synonyms for Cameroon

an inactive volcano in western Cameroon

a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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CAMAROON: Nine prisoners died yesterday in a fire in CameroonCOs notorious New Bell prison in the west African countryCOs economic
Three have been held so far: Nairobi, Kenya, in 1986; Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1995; and Yaunde, Camaroon, in 2001.
A Quartier Mozart Films (Camaroon), e4 Television production.
56, line 3 from foot: for 'Camaroon' read 'Cameroon'.
He traveled, blogging under the name Camarooned. He worked a contract in Vancouver.
Camarooned traveled every week to work a contract in Victoria; it turned out it was easier to buy a house in Kelowna than it was to find a job.
On deadly organs: Burton, 'Lake Regions', 69, 356 and Abeokuta and the Camaroons Mountains, Vol.1 (London: Tinsley Brothers, 1863), p.
CAMAROONED: Dave's all alone outside Holyrood on visit yesterday