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scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly


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Upper and lower calypters whitish, but the later with infuscated border.
Kirk-Spriggs, Malaise trap, remnant indigenous upland forest, BMSA(D)32693, two eggs inserted in left side of body: in eye and between two calypters.
Wings with internal margin of the inferior calypter truncated, projecting towards the scutellum; superior calypter slightly infuscate around it (Figs.
Wing: Base fuscous, basicosta black; costa setulose only basally on ventral surface; costal spine shorter than cross-vein r-m; radial node bare, calypters brown; lower calypter slightly shorter than upper one; halter yellow.
15 Anterior katepisternal seta absent; lower calypter broad and truncated, of the Musca type (see couplet 6 for description); vein [R.
Upper calypter ridge setulose, lower calypter broad, truncate posteriorly, extending under base of scutellum (fig.