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scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly


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--Upper and lower calypters yellow or light yellow with very short hairs of the same colour on margin; abdomen not as above; the longest mid tibial anterodorsal seta about one-third length of tibia ...
Head covered with yellow pruinosity, except upper two-thirds of facial ridge yellowish-grey pruinose; ocellar seta short but well differentiated from ocellar triangle setulae; scutellar dorsum moderate grey to light brownish-grey pruinosity when viewed from certain angles; calypters yellow with faint yellow pruinosity; abdomen in posterodorsal view reddish-brown except most of syntergite 1+2 and middle of tergites 3 and 4 dark brown.
Upper and lower calypters whitish, but the later with infuscated border.
Kirk-Spriggs, Malaise trap, remnant indigenous upland forest, BMSA(D)32693, two eggs inserted in left side of body: in eye and between two calypters.
Wings with internal margin of the inferior calypter truncated, projecting towards the scutellum; superior calypter slightly infuscate around it (Figs.
Medium to large flies; male holoptic; lower calypter narrow, rounded posteriorly, with anteromedian angle distinctly lateral to base of scutellum, not directed towards the scutellum; subcostal sclerite and basal section of stein vein bare (remigium); apical tip ofparaphallus with denticles.
Wing: Base fuscous, basicosta black; costa setulose only basally on ventral surface; costal spine shorter than cross-vein r-m; radial node bare, calypters brown; lower calypter slightly shorter than upper one; halter yellow.
DISCUSSION: This new species is closely related to Delia atrifrons Fan 1981, but differs from it in many features: male prementum about 3.0 times longer than broad; calypters brown; fore tibia with 2 medial p; mid femur with complete row of pv; mid tibia without av, 2 ad, row of short and seta-like pd and 2 strong pv; hind tibia with 7 av (3 short basally), row of ad (2-3 strong), row of pd (2 developed), and 6-7 pv on basal 3/5; distal part of inner margin of 5th sternite processes with 2 pairs of obtuse spines, and 1 pair of obtuse spines on margin of processes situated on the distal 1/3 of 5th sternite processes and 11-13 long setae on the distal part of lateral surface.
6 Lower calypter of the Musca-type, i.e., inner margin at first following margin of scutellum then diverging abruptly outward into more-or-less broadly truncated apical margin ...
--Lower calypter of the Phaonia-type, i.e., inner margin diverging immediately and at right-angles from supra-squamal ridge; tongue-like in shape ...