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rare north temperate bog orchid bearing a solitary white to pink flower marked with purple at the tip of an erect reddish stalk above 1 basal leaf

(Greek mythology) the sea nymph who detained Odysseus for seven years

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Bernard, who has been a calypsonian for over 40 years, said that because of his involvement in the arts, he had taken home over 70 women over the years.
The son of calypsonian and pannist Eddie Yearwood and the Trinidadian actress and theater director Mairoon Ali, Olatunji grew up in a house filled with African art and fashions.
Though, to read what the newspapers have to say you would swear I had top billing: Local Calypsonian Featured in Foreign Movie.
It was the Runners who had saved her by tapping into her operating language, her argot, creole, and Nannysong, a fusion of computer language and protocols in Eleggua, Marryshow, and Calypsonian tongue, a song so complex it had been mistaken for "fuzzy logic" garble (50-52).
Quite apart from their direct role and influence in the classroom, many of these pedagogues were known to be ghostwriters and advisors to calypsonians. For example, the school principal Pete Simon, who was an unapologetic supporter of the PNM, was a known confidant of calypsonians and often a ghostwriter; later, as a civil servant working as Chief Youth Officer in the Division of Community Development, Pete Simon would openly compose for calypsonian Prince Valiant, and Simon himself sang calypsos as Jaguar.
The oxtails (Barbadian style) are prepared with a drink in your hand, "the Chinese incense burning sweet in your apartment," and "a hot calypso by the Trinidadian calypsonian Crazy" playing in the background, but not too loud, because you don't want your neighbours to call the police.
Calypsonian Lord Melody was one of Tiger Bay's most famous and colourful characters.
THEIR STRUGGLE IS BASICALLY ONE FOR THEIR MANHOOD -- A struggle for the recognition of their humanity, a struggle to assert their pride, to realize justice for Black People." The pamphlet included the following statements: "Black Manhood Trampled" and "Workers forced to supp ress manhood to preserve their jobs." In a Statement on Elections by the Central Committee of NJAC, circa 1971, while talking about the people's total rejection of conventional politics, the statement mentioned "white vultures who have been preying upon our suppressed manhood for hundreds of years." Even a calypso by the calypsonian Chalkdust, a schoolteacher, in 1971, "An Answer to Black Power" stressed solving the Black Man's problems.
His text is marked with low puns, innuendo, and witticisms more in keeping with calypsonian picong (from French piquant or pique: insulting, often risque repartee with a social or personal thrust) and Shakespearean legerdemain than Homer's kind of word play.
The calypsonian, as a practitioner of the style is called, counted among his most fervent fans such high-profile figures as England's Princess Margaret and U.S.
They have it to say how even the calypsonian Mama Choonks hear what happen, and she writing a rapso about it, and boasting that she going to come in Road March Queen again this year, when she bust some style 'pon the crowd with she new tune "Workee in the Parlor." And Sylvia the engineer tell she daughter husband that somebody else whisper to she how he see Quashee in the fight yard every day, practicing cut and jab with he machete.
Indeed Clovis Dibiset, an arrogant but charming calypsonian folk hero with a nose as wide as his face, provides the perfect showcase for an actor with real presence, timing and a useful singing voice too.
The remainder of the records will be shipped to the calypsonian in Trinidad who distributes them locally.
Pantomime is a short, often riotously funny play, set on the island of Tobago, where two old-timers, failed actor and scarcely more successful hotelier Harry Trewe and his far from faithful servant, retired calypsonian Jackson Phillip, are contemplating a new form of entertainment for their rapidly dwindling guests.