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Italian writer of novels and short stories (born in Cuba) (1923-1987)

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Asked about the possibility of the US imposing sanctions on Spain if it goes ahead with the tax, Calvino said it was "very risky" to predict its reaction because of Washington's "erratic behavior."
All I had with me in the detention room was a copy of Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' and a yellow highlighter.
Il lettore, insomma, attraverso un'agevole lettura sinottica, puo osservare che Calvino (contrariamente a quanto da lui affermato nella prima nota a Fiabe Italiane (15)) ha plasmato la sua versione su quella del Nerucci.
Desire is the engine of utopia, so before exploring the construction of utopia in Calvino's work, the different types of human desire, in the specific sense of curiosity and aspiration, must be recognized: the desire for self-knowledge, reflected in Khan's desire to know his empire, as well as Marco Polo's desire to know himself through his travels; the desire to know others, mainly revealed during the dialogue between the emperor and Marco Polo.
This was certainly the case for Italo Calvino whose contribution to the field was considerable both as an anthologist and a critic.
E presumibilmente proprio attraverso Pavese che Calvino scopre Frazer.
Independent producers like Calvino say that changing the law to recognize them as legitimate players would energize Cuba's movie industry and elevate its status.
North American readers are familiar with the work of Italo Calvino primarily because of his fiction.
Italo Calvino discorre sobre as dispariedades entre o mundo escrito e o nao-escrito, ou seja, do mundo do texto, simbolico, em relacao ao mundo pragmatico.