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Italian writer of novels and short stories (born in Cuba) (1923-1987)

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Here we have Calvino at his most omnivorous, his most curious, and his most intellectually piercing.
Analizzando i contributi critici in ambito filosofico, politico e sociale, l'autrice fa emergere la rivitalizzazione delTutopia come pietra di paragone dell'azione: "In this sense, the convergence of utopia, ethics, and the imagination developed in Calvino and other authors, artists, and philosophers of the period the belief in the utopian mentality as a tool to be employed for pedagogical goals" (55).
Calvino goes on to compare Ovid's lines to those of a modern Italian poet, Eugenio Montale.
Michelle Wang's discussion of Italo Calvino and At Swim-Two-Birds's narrative weightlessness.
In his continual endeavor to demystify anthropocentrism, Calvino now attacks the faculty of "reason" that is attributed to human beings by The Enlightenment.
His illustrations have appeared in publications all over the world and he recently created an image of Italian writer Italo Calvino for the Times Literary Supplement.
Zoe Smith is the only lifter to achieve the A standard while Jo Calvino, Emily Godley, Jack Oliver and Peter Kirkbride are the others to have each hit the B level.
The nine have come out in response to Abu Hamdan's ad calling for volunteers to help him cast, design and produce an audio book of "A King Listens," a short story by Italo Calvino centering on a lone despot's paranoia and psychology of listening.
The first three chapters place Dick and his work alongside one of three twentieth-century writers, Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, and Italo Calvino.
The "speculazione edilizia" that spread throughout Italy after WWII, brilliantly illustrated by Italo Calvino in his homonymous novel, and the pollution caused by industrialization put an end to the interconnectedness between the city and the surrounding landscape, enclosing the urban areas onto themselves and transforming historical places into empty homogenous spaces.
Eliot, Italo Calvino, Wallace Stevens, Suzi Gablik and many others.
The former Police man gets all hymnal on our collective bahookies on an album which has a title based on the book If On A Winter's Night A Traveler, by post-modern novelist Italo Calvino.
Calvino Inman of Rockwood, Tennessee, says his friends have called him "possessed.
She counts "If on a winter's night a traveler," by Italo Calvino, as her favorite.
She counts If on a winter's night a traveler by Italo Calvino as her favorite.