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of or relating to or characteristic of Calvinism or its adherents

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This paper will attempt to show specifically the ways in which the Calvinistic Baptists of the late seventeenth century sought to differentiate themselves from their fellow dissenters while still affirming their similarities.
Historical and theoretical depictions of Calvinistic social ethics in relation to diversity and social justice are mixed.
Howel Harris, perhaps Whitefield's closest friend, integrated Whitefield into the leadership of the Welsh revival, forming an integrated English and Welsh Calvinistic Methodist movement (that would in 1811 become Wales' largest nonconformist denomination), under Whitefield's leadership in 1743.
If you read the Westminster Confession, you can see what the Scottish Calvinistic Reformers thought.
Mr Harmer was also able to tell us that the imposing church in the background of the photograph - which he believes was taken in 1916 rather than 1914 - is the Engedi Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Colwyn Bay.
The Elect Methodists: Calvinistic Methodism in England and Wales, 1735-1811.
The stunning Arts and Crafts casket was presented to Anglesey-born the Rev John Williams, who set up Welsh churches in Liverpool, to mark his retirement as pastor of Princes Road Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church, in Toxteth, in 1906.
Of course, Adam Smith supplied a strong moral and religious language for the system he crafted, and wittingly or not, Novak has come to share its Calvinistic premises.
An index of British Nonconformity in Betjemans writings would include General Baptists, Strict and Particular Baptists, Seventh Day Baptists, Wesleyan Methodists, Primitive Methodists, Bible Christians, Plymouth Brethren, Moravians, Lutherans, Independents and Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Unitarians, Quakers, Christian Scientists, Swedenborgians, Sandemanians and Glasites, the Peculiar People, Countess of Huntingdonites, Fifth Monarchists, Covenanters, Millenarians, Muggletonians, Agapemonites, Irvingites, Bryanites, and nondenominationals, as well as those "low church" Anglican parishes that are borderline dissenting--evangelical, reformed, and Calvinistic. Whether mainstream denomination or marginalized sect, active or defunct, they were all of great interest to him.
A recent study by an American scholar, David Crump, has shown that Henry's 'in depth, practical, Calvinistic and biblical exposition' formed the backdrop for many of Whitefield's sermons.
Nevertheless, there is a freestanding cash machine nearby which bears the legend 'This machine dispenses PS5 notes' which seems, in a very Calvinistic Edinburgh sort of way, to remind you that everything must be paid for - especially sins of the flesh!
From a Protestant perspective, Friederike Niissd points to the differences between a Lutheran understanding of baptism as personal dedication (Zueignung) of salvation, while in the Calvinistic tradition baptism is a sign which assures the receiver of the faith that leads to salvation (cf.
That Calvinistic approach holds little sway nto re now.
Into Deep Waters: Evangelical Spirituality and Maritime Calvinistic Baptist Ministers, 1790-1855.
They fell away from the earlier, stricter Calvinistic view.