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the theological system of John Calvin and his followers emphasizing omnipotence of God and salvation by grace alone

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The study on the Dutch Calvinist church was based on thirty oral histories of Dutch-Canadian Calvinist immigrants collected for Dr.
The outcome of the affair strengthened the hand, for a while, of the less tolerant elements in the Calvinist Church. Any kind of deviance from orthodoxy became more suspect than usual, and Jews, Catholics, and dissenting Protestant sects all felt the heat generated by counter-Remonstrant forces.
A SCOTTISH Calvinist church has been accused of bigotry after its magazine claimed Cardinal Basil Hume's final destination would be hell.
A Scottish Calvinist church has been accused of bigotry after its magazine claimed the late Cardinal Basil Hume's final destination could only be Hell.
With the aid of zealous, Genevan-trained pastors infiltrating the French west country, a Calvinist church became fully operational in La Rochelle on 17 November 1558.
It's a first for von Trier, making a "real" film about "real" people, telling a simple story: Jan (Stellan Skarsgard), the sweet-tempered oil-rig worker, marries Bess (Emily Watson), a girl from a Scottish village dominated by a hideously repressive Calvinist church (so repressive they believe church bells are the Devil's work).
It was founded in 1820 as the Calvinist Church and later came to be known as the Central Congregational Church.
In May 2005, the Calvinist Church won a court case against the Ministry of Education for non-payment of government subsidies for its educational institutions for the handicapped.
From the elaborate excesses of Rome and Istanbul to a sparse Calvinist church in Switzerland, the S4C programme takes viewers on a journey of discovery over two continents and eight countries.
Stinstra's chief opponent in the controversy was Johannes van den Honert, professor of theology at the University of Leiden and the principal authority within the Calvinist church of the 1740s (p.
In France, of course, the Calvinist church did not receive full support from civil authorities, and this may explain why, apart from Geneva, excommunication was used more frequently there than elsewhere.
This is appropriate since the Dutch Calvinist churches recognized Emden in some sense as their "mother church." The creation of a specifically Calvinist church there was neither easy nor assured, as is initially shown.
First, the work of Robert Kingdon, Bernard Roussel, Raymond Mentzer, Glenn Sunshine, and others has now made it very clear that the Calvinist church in France was hardly a mirror image of the Calvinist church in Geneva.