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Synonyms for Calvinist

an adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin


of or relating to or characteristic of Calvinism or its adherents

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Calvinists are predestined, not made, but I certainly have enough Calvinist ancestry to have inherited a predisposition toward it.
Helfferich also clearly explains the multifaceted political history of the Europe-wide war itself, such as the sometimes helpful and sometimes meddling situation of Sweden in the northern areas, the French motivations along the Rhine (partly occupied by Amalia Elisabeth's forces), the Dutch interest in Hesse-Cassel's Calvinism, the role other Calvinist regions played in the war (such as the Palatinate), and the emperors' (Ferdinands II and III) own concerns.
Offer per contract of carriage part that great calvinist church for voice (audio) - and visual system relates to the supply.
In "A Cultish Side Of Calvinism", author and Pastor Micah Coate cogently addresses a critically important issue within Calvinist theology and practice--the necessity of distinguishing the theology of Calvinism from the insidious seductions associated with the establishment of cults, particularly Christian cults, by departing from Scriptural imperatives and investing inappropriately in unreflective compliance with the dictates of mortal men.
Moreover, the Calvinist accusation that the Catholic doctrine of ex opera operato is magical and Deistic is founded on a misconstrual of Catholic teaching: the principle of ex opera operato expresses the instrumental causality of the sacramental rite, but the efficient cause remains the Holy Spirt.
Wang contends that Calvinist ethics "is exactly the same as the Li [propriety] to the Church in the understanding of Confucianism" (p.
Young have effectively related elements in Herbert to continental medieval and Roman Catholic backgrounds, the other writers named have paid attention to recent historical insights into the English church, the main leadership of which in most of Herbert's time was Calvinist (Collinson, Fincham, Lake, Tyacke).
2) The harsh anti-Catholic timbre of these books was not only set by the dissident stance of the authors and the belligerent bearing of the Dutch Calvinist publishers but was also sharpened by the narrative style of the genre.
James Skillen helpfully lays out the setting of sphere sovereignty in the pluralist political philosophy of Dutch Calvinist Herman Dooyeweerd.
This study draws on Reformation-era sources--including the martyrologies of Jean Crespin and Antoine la Roche Chandieu--to trace the rhetoric of martyrdom that came to define the French Calvinist church in the middle decades of the sixteenth century.
Religious identity was more important than ethnic identity in the establishment of Dutch Calvinist churches and other organizations.
Instead, Moore claims that Preston's version of hypothetical universalism came from his contacts with two prominent Calvinist bishops of the Irish and English established churches, James Ussher and John Davenant, both of whom earlier laid out some of the formulations concerning covenant, gospel call, and atonement taken up by Preston.
In a bid to see if religious differences skew perception, Hommel's team tested 40 Dutch atheist and Calvinist university students, who, religion aside, had similar cultural backgrounds.
In The Worlds of Melancholy: Robert Burton in Context (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Angus Gowland submerges The Anatomy of Melancholy in an expansive range of traditions and texts, putting Burton into conversation with neo-Galenic physicians, Aristotelian philosophers, Paracelsians, Calvinist preachers, Arminian divines, Jacobean political theorists, and Neoplatonic occultists, to name just a few points of contact.
Not for me the Calvinist whipping of myself, with notions of losing a stone, going to the gym or never eating chocolate again.