Harriet Beecher Stowe

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United States writer of a novel about slavery that advanced the abolitionists' cause (1811-1896)

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As limiting as some of these constructions may have been, I would argue that Mary Webb--like Calvin Stowe and Charles Beecher--gained some agency from them.
His abolitionist stance was reinforced there by Lyman Beecher and Calvin Stowe.
Although Calvin Stowe encouraged her writing and was glad of her ability to earn money, he was hypercritical of her housekeeping and volatile in his criticism.
HARRIET MARRIED THEOLOGIAN and religion professor Calvin Stowe in 1835, embarking on a years-long negotiation of a companionate marriage within Victorian gender confines.
A report on Elementary Instruction in Europe by Calvin Stowe was published.
Possibly the most artistic work that Harriet Beecher Stowe did may be found in her <IR> OLDTOWN FOLKS </IR> (1869) and other New England stories, written under the influence of her husband, Calvin Stowe.