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Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)

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The founders of Calvin's Fine Jewelry know that the holidays are a prime time for couples to become engaged, either on Christmas morning or New Year's Eve.
The recently updated barbershop features a vibrant interior with new flooring, a fresh coat of Calvin's signature money green paint and his own freehand artwork.
In Chung's and Pak's works on John Calvin's thought, we have two radically different ideals for engaging the Genevan Reformer's work.
Calvin's awkwardness, Rozelle's brash style and her friend Sasha's jealousy feel authentic, and Calvin's attempts to remain true to himself while negotiating high school and the larger adult world will ring true for many young readers.
EDT on July 8, Tropical Storm Calvin's maximum sustained winds had already grown to 70 mph.
Pak attempts to discover the place of Calvin in exegetical history by discussing the interpretation of these eight Psalms by Calvin's predecessors and contemporaries.
Here we see Calvin's use of scripture exemplified: consistently painstaking, practical, and Jesus-centred.
Quotations by and about Calvin bring his history even more to life and themed areas look at Calvin's ideology.
In fact, Zachman asserts that the interdependence of proclamation and manifestation "is not present in a few isolated topics of Calvin's theology but is central to the way that he thinks theologically" (7).
He turns Calvin's attention to staying quiet for the good of his family and he has to decide to put his family above his own morals.
Calvin's electrical career spanned approximately fifty years and he retired from the Union in 1991.
This succinct anthology seeks to trace certain rediscoveries of Calvin's impact on socio-economic matters, primarily focusing on two geopolitical venues: the West and the non-West.
This collection provides a very useful overview of Calvin's commentaries and lectures, highlighting both the common characteristics of Calvin's biblical study and the distinctive emphases of particular groups of Calvin writings.
John Calvin's theology of creation, including issues ranging from animal rights to natural theology, was actively debated in the last century, often casting Calvin in a negative light.
An unofficial poll conducted on the opening night of painter Brian Calvin's New York solo debut found several visitors prefacing their responses with an identical qualifier: "I wanted to like it, but .