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Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)

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Calvin's Calvinist doctrine clashes against Beatrice's freewheeling lifestyle at every turn.
In his video, Rick follows Calvin's lead by buying a chicken from a supermarket and pouring bleach inside, before throwing it in the sea.
Even Calvin's involvement in the Gilas brawl with Australia in the World Cup Qualifiers has been brought up.
Roberts published similarly in this major field in an article titled "Seong-seo-joo-seok-ga-ro-bon Calvin (Calvin as an interpreter of the Bible)," revealing that he valued Calvin's linguistic capability, analytic insight, and piety.
Tuininga's book, in which he explores Calvin's political thought as a two-kingdoms theology that can function as a model for constructive Christian participation in liberal society.
Critique: This superbly translated edition of John Calvin's "Sermons On Titus" is a very highly regarded and enduringly valued contribution to personal and academic library Christian Studies reference collections in general, and Calvinism Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.
The disorder's terrifying hallucinatory aspects are well portrayed through Calvin's imagined tiger, Hobbes, and his perceived need for a final Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.
Calvin's new relationship is likely to upset his army of female fans.
Sacramento, CA, October 31, 2013 --( Less than 6 months ago, 28-year-old owner Calvin Dozier -- of Calvin's Barbershop -- opened up his second location, Calvin's Barbershop South.
George Herbert's own comment to Nicholas Ferrar--that Ferrar would find in The Temple, "a picture of the many spiritual Conflicts that have past betwixt God and my Soul" (6)--holds the key, for Daniel Doerksen, to interpreting Herbert's poetry in the light of Calvin's biblical commentary.
Although it is now part of France, in Calvin's day it was a free city that embraced the Reformed faith.
Chung, Christian Spirituality and Ethical Life: Calvin's View on the Spirit in Ecumenical Context.
Abstract: Central to John Calvin's doctrine of Scripture, a doctrine basic to his theology and highly influential in his own time and subsequently, is a theory of reading.
It's a cause close to Calvin's heart - fellow Brighouse man Darren Gibson, the partner of his sister Steph, has faced a year-long wait for a heart operation.
I was immediately struck by Calvin's purity of tone and musicianship.