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United States chemist noted for discovering the series of chemical reactions in photosynthesis (1911-)

Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)

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In hot pursuit are Calvin's vengeful ex-wife, a comely fellow traveler who claims to be from Sheboygan but whom Beatrice insists is an Interpol agent, and an obsessive minister who is convinced that Calvin's mother is still alive.
Rick posted his video homage on his YouTube channel, alongside the caption: "I always loved Calvin Harris's 'Calvin in Dumfries' video so I decided to make my own."
Of course, this will mean a sincere apology from Calvin. There will be a process.
Hernandez and Calvin will probably continue to play basketball together through at least the end of the school year, before they graduate and go their separate ways and head off to college.
As a result of Calvin Klein Inc's ongoing assessment of its omnichannel strategy, the 654 Madison Avenue store will be closing in spring 2019.
Calvinism was introduced in this journal in July 1934, and it had published 14 articles about Calvin's life and thought by 1939.
'Right now, I can say that Calvin and I are happy with what he have.'
They also got the online world talking when Calvin took off his red Phoenix jersey after losing in a game, then handed it to Vice.
The author is convinced that Calvin is a relevant voice for contemporary Christian political theory, and he offers the basis for this conviction in nearly four hundred pages of a very close reading of Calvin.
Calvin suffered catastrophic brain injuries and was left fighting for his life at the Sunderland Royal Hospital.
Jary was jailed up for three years after pleading guilty to inflicting GBH on Calvin and breaking the jaws of the other two men from the earlier offence.
And LA-based Calvin has clearly been missing his home comforts.
But Ross Randall Calvin, a discerning and erudite observer did, and we are all the richer for it.
Synopsis: Calvin's expository sermons to the great congregation of St Peter's, Geneva, taken down in shorthand and then published across Europe, were among the most sought-after volumes of the sixteenth century.