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Synonyms for Calvary

a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified

any experience that causes intense suffering


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climb the 365 steps up Calvary Hill to a pretty little chapel.
James the Apostle church has a large compound which encloses 14 stations of the cross and a mini Calvary hill.
If you like to explore and you're fit, climb the 365 cypress tree-lined steps up the Calvary hill from the parish church.
The Calvary Hills and the Chapel of Transfiguration at Dariuk Hills, Balintokatok, a pilgrimage site every Holy Week, has life-sized Stations of the Cross from the foot of the hill to its peak.
In my case, I have joined my family in visits to Chocolate Hills and Fatima Hill of the Virgin Mother, both in Carmen, Bohol, as well as Calvary Hills in Tacloban City.