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a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified

any experience that causes intense suffering


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Nous avancons que le manque de communication entre Pariag, l'Indien, et les habitants Afro-trinidadiens de Calvary Hill, est du non seulement aux differences raciales entre les personnages, mais egalement a des economies concurrentes, en l'occurrence le capital symbolique et le materiel.
This paper aims to focus specifically on Pariag's negotiation of the Calvary Hill culture in order to locate the causes of failure and possibilities of success of the urban lateral alliances in the postcolonial Trinidadian national landscape.
The novel is set in Calvary Hill, a Trinidadian Urban ghetto with a predominantly African-Creole population.
Pariag's encounter with the African-Creole inhabitants of Calvary Hill is certainly a staged encounter between the representatives of two rival groups of the Trinidadian national divide.
Dina Brydon's (1989) critique of the novel also focuses on the competing ideologies of Calvary Hill.
With a few exceptions, Calvary Hill Yard can be treated as such a native field.
Hence, by the time he enters the Calvary Hill Field, he is no longer a typical East-Indian farmer, but someone who has already put his trust in the possibilities of self definition through the gaze of the other.
Pariag's failure, as I stated earlier, is caused by his excessive individualism and his lack of understanding of the Calvary Hill field.