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Synonyms for caltrop

tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets

Mediterranean annual or biennial herb having pinkish to purple flowers surrounded by spine-tipped scales

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The most widely used non-lethal weapons are chemical agents, such as tear gas and pepper spray; blunt impact munitions, including rubber bullets and bean bag rounds; diversionary devices, among which are flash/bang grenades and electric shock, and anti-vehicle systems, embracing caltrops and spike strips to deflate tires.
I once had the painful misfortune to slip and fall on one of these botanical caltrops.
Don't confuse rough, thin-skinned water chestnut corms with water caltrops (Trapa bicornis, ling gok in Chinese); the two are not related but both may be labeled water chestnuts.
Runways and roads are put out of action by dispersing four-spiked caltrops over them, which are cemented in place using hardening adhesives, Chemical embrittlement agents, which attack metallic components by weakening them and causing structural fracture, are applied to weapons and military installations.
Caltrops can also be used as an additional measure, ensuring that the vehicles are rendered immobile.
Caltrops are four-pronged metal pieces, approximately 2 inches tall, that puncture tires or boots.