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Two clarifications are required in regard to the floristic content compiled by Oberdorfer (1960): 1) When Oberdorfer chose the asso ciation name he did not select either of the two Caltha species occurring in this community, namely Caltha appendiculata and C.
Veronica stelleri Caltha leplosepala At the time of Forbis and Diggle dispersal, seeds (2001) arc MPD.
A quite similar situation could be observed with marsh marigold (zabskie kwiotki (translation: frog flowers); Caltha palustris) used by Romanians living in Pojana Mikului to decorate house gates at Easter.
I had moved a clump of Marsh Marigolds (Caltha palustris) that fateful afternoon, part of the buttercup family, some members of which are poisonous.
Caltha palustris ydi ei enw gwyddonol a 'marsh-marigold' yn Saesneg.
Three species, including Caltha palustris, Cypripedium acaule, and Platanthera ciliaris, were documented with photographs only.
(12.) In the original: huc ades, o formose puer: tibi lilia plenis / ecce ferunt Nymphae calathis, tibi candida Nais, / pallentis violas et summa papavera carpens, / narcissum et florem iungit bene olentis anethi; / tum, cassia atque aliis intexens suavibus herbis, / mollia luteola pingit vaccinia caltha. / ipse ego cana legam tenera lanugine mala / castaneasque nuces, mea quas Amaryllis amabat; / addam cerea pruna: honos erit huic quoque pomo; / et vos, o lauri, carpam et te, proxima myrte, / sic positae quoniam suavis miscetis odores (II: 45-55).
Caltha palustris L.: P39483 Ranunculus abortivus L.: P39479 Thalictrum dasycarpum Fisch.
"grama dulce" con el 41.25% en los llanos y 35.16% en las laderas y la especie Caltha sagitata L.
caerulea the dominant grass in this study Marsh > 6 Often dominated by neutral grassland plants of damp habitats (e.g., Caltha palustris and Mentha aquatica) Habitat Description Acid grassland Short, open sparse grassland on acid soil with scattered Ulex europaeus and Calluna vulgaris.