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the component of a heater or range that transforms fuel or electricity into heat

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[FIGURE 2 OMITTED] Key Process Parameters Conveyor Speed: 1.25 ft/min Total Contact Time: 8.3 sec Solder Temperature: 525 [degrees]F Peak Topside Temperature: 108[degrees]C Duration (amblent to wave): 5:18 Preheater Location Zone a3 Set Zone a2 Zone a1 & Tips Set Point Set Point Set Point ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) Top: Calrod 250 300 300 Bottom: Forced Air 200 250 250 FIGURE 2.
Calrod systems evaporate some of the solvent, making the flux less fluid and more viscous without moving the flux.
Calrod IR elements were used in the first heating zone, which provided the adequate heat to start the flux activity without forcing the water to boil out.
The units feature noncorrosive aluminum exterior construction and contain a reflector plate that focuses heat from the calrod heating element.
Units utilize solid-bed design with low-watt-density Calrod heaters.
The evolution of the electric range, from true novelty 75 years ago to three-fifths of the market today, would not be possible without the Calrod element.
A Delta Wave 6622 with a dual head spray fluxer and three heating zones (calrod system, top and bottom heatings with forced convection on the bottom and IR lamps on the top; and double waves--chip and main with smart wave) were used.
The heart of the kitchen is the cooking appliance, and for 73 years since its introduction by GE's Hotpoint division, the heart of electric cooking has been the Calrod element.
PolyJohn Enterprises in Whiting, Ind., recently converted its thermoforming operations from electric calrod heaters to catalytic heaters from Vulcan Catalytic Systems has also allowed the company to eliminate the pre-heating oven on the rotary machine, providing further energy cost reduction.
Typical preheat system configuration for pallets is a combination of calrod and forced convection heaters.
A few other dates of note include: 1928, GE's Hotpoint division introduced the Calrod element for electric cooking; 1934, George Foerstner founded Amana Refrigeration Inc.
However, since the types of heater used--nichrome wire, calrod, and black-body heating units--had limited functionality, achieving a uniform heating pattern was very difficult.
The preheat sub-process can be done with a number of different heating configurations, including tubular Calrod elements, forced convection or an infrared lamp system.
The technology is said to significantly improve heat transfer and energy efficiency by delivering heat directly to the water, unlike standard calrod heating elements, which heat the water last.