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the component of a heater or range that transforms fuel or electricity into heat

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5 sec Solder Temperature: 525[degrees]F Peak Topside Temperature: 133[degrees]C Duration (ambient to wave): 5:18 Preheater Location & Type Zone #3 Zone #2 Zone #1 Set Point Set Point Set Point ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) Top: Calrod 380 470 470 Bottom: Forced Air 330 380 380 FIGURE 4.
Hotpoint's first ranges with this feature came with only one 6-inch Calrod element apiece.
Because natural gas is abundant and cost-effective in the midwest, conversion from electric calrod heat source is expected to reduce the company's utility costs versus electricity.
The technology is said to significantly improve heat transfer and energy efficiency by delivering heat directly to the water, unlike standard calrod heating elements, which heat the water last.
Depending on the type of production, the third preheat zone can be hot air, infrared lamps (special for mixed production) or calrod heaters.
It uses less energy than a traditional calrod, so preheating times are completely eliminated," he claimed.
Units utilize a solid-bed design with low-watt-density Calrod heaters.
In other developments, Enrietti is machining its manifolds in two halves, which reportedly allows runners to be fabricated in smoothly curved channels, and is using Calrod heaters to provide uniform heat transfer.
By contrast, electric-powered quartz or Calrod i-r elements at surface temperatures of up to 1800 F emit shorter (2.
Manifolds are now available with optional Calrod heaters rather than cartridges, which reportedly can help to concentrate the heat where it is most needed.
The units utilize a solid-bed design with low-watt density Calrod heaters.
Oven temperatures are measured from thermocouples on heating elements (quartz, Calrod, or ceramic) and can be adjusted from a keyboard while the machine is running.