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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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He said: "We took her to the doctors who said it was migraines caused by stress at school and told us to give her Calpol. But we knew it was much more serious."
Acacia says that her son was sent away from Out of Hours in Dungannon with 'no real diagnosis' and just told to keep giving Calpol and Nurofen.
The family were discharged at 4.30pm with ibuprofen and Calpol; however, Evie's parents brought her back to hospital within two hours due to their concern.
Johnson& Johnson, which makes Calpol and Sudafed, said it gives a recommended retail price, adding: "Final decisions are at the discretion of the retailer."
And it got the nation Chris revealed we buy Calpol by bucketload - more than 5,000 sticky pink stuff a day.
Dr Chris van Tulleken with his daughter, Lyra, and, below, with industrial amounts of Calpol
Youngsters in the UK are being given too much Calpol unnecessarily it is claimed in a new documentary for the BBC.
We divided the cohort into two groups according to age, which determined the type of paracetamol (Calpol) that they were prescribed:
In awide-ranging survey, the RPS found that 16% of parents of children aged 12 or under in the UK, and 11% in Wales, didn't know that Calpol - one of the most popular children's medicines - contained paracetamol, while the knowledge of other medicines was "even more worrying".
Considering many people were accompanied by young children, it is likely that the hardest drug available was Calpol.
"I was getting some Calpol for my baby," said full-time mum Tanya.
On February 5 this year, Milako-vic, 38, fed Yacob the medicine Calpol and red wine before drowning him in the bath at their home in Sheffield, the court heard.