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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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You have no visible Y sign - she has a cuddle, some Calpol and goes to bed and the next morning is running around - you don't go to the doctor unless you think it is necessary", he warned.
The older group (6 to 15 years) was also made up of 33 patients, and they were prescribed Calpol SixPlus.
I was getting some Calpol for my baby," said full-time mum Tanya.
While the leading brands, Calpol and Nurofen for Children, grew by 1.
On February 5 this year, Milako-vic, 38, fed Yacob the medicine Calpol and red wine before drowning him in the bath at their home in Sheffield, the court heard.
CALPOL will provide the necessary credit and schedule coordination enabling Utilisource to supply renewable energy under its &uot;Green Source&uot; program at a discount to all of their qualified customers.
A BOY of six died of sepsis after emergency medics sent him home four times and told his parents to give him Calpol.
But the out-of hours medics failed to spot meningitis and sent him home with Calpol.
ASCHOOLGIRL who was prescribed Calpol by a nurse when she was suffering from life-threatening meningitis has triumphed in her million-pound fight for compensation.
In awide-ranging survey, the RPS found that 16% of parents of children aged 12 or under in the UK, and 11% in Wales, didn't know that Calpol - one of the most popular children's medicines - contained paracetamol, while the knowledge of other medicines was "even more worrying".
A MUM claims NHS Direct misdiagnosed her constipated twoyear-old with swine flu and prescribed Tamiflu - when all he needed was a dose of Calpol.
They would receive Calpol, Bonjela and other such drugs on free prescriptions in other parts of the UK.
Her mother Hana Ismail was told to give the little girl Calpol and seek medical help if her condition got worse.