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a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

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- SUNCELL Blowout Power Production in Molten Metal Calorimeter
The simulation study was performed with Geant4 high energy physics simulation package to determine the energy resolution of the interested scintillating materials as homogenous calorimeters. The intrinsic energy resolution caused by event to event energy deposition fluctuation was defined as the ratio of the sigma to the mean value of the logarithmic Gaussian fit function on the distributions of energy deposition in scintillator material per event.
Therefore, heat generation rate in the lithium ion battery is preferably measured directly using a calorimeter. There are two known methods: accelerated rate calorimetry (ARC) and isothermal heat conduction calorimetry (IHC) [9].
Lee, "Development and applications of chip calorimeters as novel biosensors," Nanobiosensors Dis.
The IBCs are the only calorimeters to eliminate outside environmental variables by surrounding the test chamber on all six sides with an isothermal bath fluid.
In contrast, the next stage, the calorimeters, is designed to absorb particle energy.
Key words: attenuator; beamsplitter; calorimeter; device under test; high-power laser; infrared (IR); laser detector calibration; laser power meter; monitor detector; reflective optical chopper; wedge-shaped transparent material; visible aiming laser; ZnSe.
(2006), Effectiveness of combustion of shock-dispersed fuels in calorimeters of various volumes, CESW, 42(6), p.
It is also providing continuous monitoring of the laboratory's calorimeters as they move into the cavern, situated 100 metres underground, used for experiments.
The solar heat gain coefficients of the seven glazing products with and without each of the nine window attachment product samples were measured using two 2 x 2 ft water-flow solar calorimeters. The calorimeters turn and tilt to face the sun while the incident solar radiation is measured with a precision spectral pyranometer (PSP).
The MultiStar HSS7 DSC sensor is user replaceable and will be available as an option in [DSC822.sup.e] differential scanning calorimeters with Stare version 8.10 software.
Milford, MA 5/13/04--Waters announced that on May 5 the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed a District Court judgment (see IBO 10/15/02) awarding it around $17.4 million in its patent infringement case against Applera involving three TA Instruments' patents for differential scanning calorimeters.
Welker heated regulators, when used with the Welker sample probes, are designed to provide a properly conditioned sample stream to chromatographs, H2S analyzers, thermtitrators, moisture analyzers, gravitometers, calorimeters or other on-line gas analyzers.
* Two makers of thermal-analysis instruments last year launched new differential scanning calorimeters that reportedly increase speed and accuracy.