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a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

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In that pursuit, she and ARS colleagues Kyle McLeod and Randy Baldwin are using the calorimeters in combination with other techniques to study gut tissue metabolism.
MiMHS) announces The Biggest Loser medical staff will implement the MedGem indirect calorimeter to assess metabolic changes in program contestants.
It is important to note however, that the temperature range where the kinetical freezing was observed to occur is sensibly similar to the temperature range where a chemical departure from equilibrium within calorimeters was observed (Rugescu, 2005).
The I-Cal 2000 High Precision Calorimeter HPC is a two-channel isothermal model for testing cement paste, mortar or concrete.
6 [mu]m, the system used an uncoated ZnSe wedge (2[degrees]) beamsplitter along with two primary standard K-series calorimeters serving as reference standards.
After a minimum of 14 days (7 days during Experiment 3) of adaptation to the assigned environmental temperature, pens of pig(s) were moved to adjacent indirect calorimeters operated at the same environmental temperature and humidity where THP and MP rates were quantified for a 21-h period.
Measuring biochemical process has showed increasing importance with the development of chip calorimeters [1].
Williamsport, PA 17701 Phone: (717) 326-1755 Instrumentation: Industrial ovens, test chambers, calorimeters Services Offered: Technical service, training, engineering
Calorimeters built over the past few years can precisely measure the heat of crumb-size samples of cells and tissues under varying environmental conditions.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Calorimeters and Thermal Analysis Equipment in Thousands of US$.
This research was intended to provide insight into the potential problems related to the measurement of the SHGCs of high-mass window fenestration products using solar calorimeters.
The splitter ratio of the calibrated beam splitter was determined before and after each detector calibration using the two standard calorimeters.
Instruments in the product line include differential scanning calorimeters, differential thermal analyzers, thermomechanical analyzers and automatic systems.
He has developed sales structures, both in Britain and the US, for HEL, a company that manufacturers both adiabatic and reaction calorimeters delivering significant growth and profitability along the way.
Mettler-Toledo is the leading supplier of reaction calorimeters.