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a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure

unit of heat defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree centigrade at atmospheric pressure

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I wouldn't delete all those apps just yet, but according to research conducted at McGill University and appearing in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, you have an internal calorie counter.
Half of the men were set to exercise for an hour a day, wearing a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter, while the second group only had to sweat for 30 minutes.
Equipped with the largest food database of any calorie counter (more than 1.
He said: "We wanted to make our calorie counter as simple to use as possible.
Apart from the calorie counter and the food diary, the new product gives users access to Nutracheck's forum to read and post messages.
With its calorie counter and deodorizer, Dawlance Microwaves facilitates consumers with state of the art technology, helping them lead a successful life around balanced eating habits.
The Master Exercise Kit contains a resistance band, calorie counter adapter, yoga mat, water bottle, and step cups to enhance your Wii Fit workouts.
Featuring a set of handgrips that allows you to engage in a total body workout, with a built in calorie counter so you can easily monitor strides per minute, calories burnt and amount of steps you have taken.
Take control of your diet the smart way with the CalorieSmart calorie counter.
Enhanced with a complete index of recipes, a list of handy Cooking Tips, a roster of Herbs & Spices, complete instructions for Baking Breads and Baking Desserts, timing instructions for buying, drying, and cooking Vegetables & Fruits, a Food Quantities table for large servings, microwave cooking hints, a Calorie Counter, Cooking Terms glossary, and a not-to-be overlooked "how to" on Napkin Folding techniques, "The Miracle Cookbook" is a prized addition to the personal or family cookbook shelf.
Circuit City: Samsung Yepp 256MB Sports MP3/WMA player with heart rate monitor and calorie counter, $179.
With Groove's calorie counter feature, you'll be able to track the calories you burn by entering in your weight.
Using your calorie counter and journal, make a list of what you eat every day for a week and see how many calories you're eating each day.
Bergen Brunswig will make the calorie counter available to independent drug stores that belong to its Good Neighbor Pharmacy network.
Bella Girl - Beauty Assistant[TM] consists of several beauty and shopping tools, a BMI calculator, calorie counter, beauty treatment timer, size converter for rings, shoes and bras, period and ovulation estimator, and smart compare for avid shoppers.