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Bulb weight (as an indicator of stored reserves) and, therefore, reproductive success, thus may partially explain the episodic reproductive success that has been recorded for several species of Calochortus (Fiedler 1987; Miller and Douglas 2001); Miller et al.
Unlike Koeleria, the bulbs of Dichelostemma, and Calochortus, and the tubers of Sanicula laciniata and Erigeron sanctarum, are found at soil depths of 10-20 cm, where they are protected from high temperatures.
El estrato herbaceo de 10 cm a 1 m esta compuesto principalmente por Aegopogon tenellus, Panicum bulbosum, Plumbago pulchella, Asclepias linaria, Calochortus fuscus, Cheilanthes bonariensis, Priva mexicana, Salvia longistyla, S.
Concepts of rarity in vascular plant species, with special reference to the genus Calochortus Pursh (Liliaceae).
You face an initial pull uphill look for Sierra calochortus, hot-rock penstemon (P.
Megasporogenesis and embryo sac development in Calochortus.
A manera de ejemplo es posible citar a Agave gypsophila Gentry, Aristida gypsophila Beetle, Calochortus mendozae Espejo, Lopez-Ferr.
Removing floral buds of early flowers, increased the probability of fruit set of later flowers in Calochortus leichtlinii (Holtsford 1985), increased ovary size of late flowers in Solanum carolinense (Solomon 1988) and increased ovary diameter of last-position flowers without modifying the number of anthers in Muntingia calabura (Bawa and Webb 1983).