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Bulb weight (as an indicator of stored reserves) and, therefore, reproductive success, thus may partially explain the episodic reproductive success that has been recorded for several species of Calochortus (Fiedler 1987; Miller and Douglas 2001); Miller et al.
Unlike Koeleria, the bulbs of Dichelostemma, and Calochortus, and the tubers of Sanicula laciniata and Erigeron sanctarum, are found at soil depths of 10-20 cm, where they are protected from high temperatures.
Examples of partnership agreements and programs that have precluded the need to list under the Endangered Species Act include the Pecos pupfish (Cyprinodon pecosensis) in New Mexico and Texas, the Umpqua mariposa lily (Calochortus umpquaensis) in Oregon, and a California plant, the Cuyamaca Lake dowingia (Dowiningia concolor var.
Few plants have such a truly tropical look as well as a marvellous scent as the angel lily (Ismene festalis) and, although it comes from quite chilly Northern California, the butterfly tulip (Calochortus amabilis) is a brilliant yellow flower with a deep purple spot on each petal.
Concepts of rarity in vascular plant species, with special reference to the genus Calochortus Pursh (Liliaceae).
Look for explorer's gentian, sidalcea, mariposa lily (Calochortus leichilinii), alpine lily, delphinium, meadow-rue, peony, monkshood, columbine, spiraea, thimbleberry, penstemons, violets, monkeyflower (Mimulus torreyi), paintbrush, fireweed, and, in the orchid family, spotted coralroot.
platyphyllum convive con Quercus resinosa Liebm., Lysiloma acapulcense (Kunth) Benth., Eysenhardtia polystachya (Ortega) Sarg., Calochortus purpureus (Kunth) Baker, C.
Megasporogenesis and embryo sac development in Calochortus. Amer.
Our favorite, observed in early April last year, was pussy ears (Calochortus tolmiei), a beige cup enclosing subtle purplish markings and fine hair-like tufts, An unusual dark fritillary, F.
A manera de ejemplo es posible citar a Agave gypsophila Gentry, Aristida gypsophila Beetle, Calochortus mendozae Espejo, Lopez-Ferr.
Removing floral buds of early flowers, increased the probability of fruit set of later flowers in Calochortus leichtlinii (Holtsford 1985), increased ovary size of late flowers in Solanum carolinense (Solomon 1988) and increased ovary diameter of last-position flowers without modifying the number of anthers in Muntingia calabura (Bawa and Webb 1983).
The preserve now protects seven types of rare plants, including the Tiburon mariposa lily (Calochortus tiburonensis); discovered in 1971, it blooms in late June with tan flowers highlighted by lime green and cinnamon.