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city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area

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Both Microsoft and Calo say the development of new legislation isn't imminent because the specific needs are still emerging.
And yet, Calo said, by collecting massive amounts of data, car companies could be setting themselves up for the 21st century's ultimate Faustian bargain.
Work your way towards plyometric training to increase your muscles' explosive power, says Calo.
En "La investigacion sobre el calo espanol: algunas cuestiones teoricas y metodologicas", Ignasi-Xavier Adiego comienza su estudio delimitando los terminos lengua gitana, pararromani, calo y romani, y argumenta su propuesta de tratar el calo espanol como una modalidad linguistica diferenciada.
The long agony of Hispanoromani: The remains of Calo in the speech of Spanish Gitanos.
For a long time, artificial intelligence has been better than us at highly structured, bounded tasks," Calo said.
Calo cites the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as a successful response to the scary new phenomenon of travel by train.
Nesse caso, a cicatrizacao inicia-se com um processo inflamatorio local, seguido de angiogenese e quimiotaxia de diversas moleculas e tipos celulares, finalizando com a formacao de um calo osseo competente (VAZ, 2006).
There's a difference between deciding most people will pay $1 for a Snickers bar versus setting a price because of being able to figure out that a consumer is really hungry because they're breastfeeding, or high or just ran 10 miles," Calo says.
O percentual de calo visivel variou de 0,0% a 97,5%, sendo os maiores percentuais obtidos pelo efeito da enxertia tipo omega e aumento da temperatura de estratificacao.
Among his many achievements, he was also the chief architect of CALO, one of DARPA's largest AI and machine learning projects.
The agency is requiring, for starters, that its test sites develop privacy plans," Calo added.
Tucked away in the dunes, this secluded cottage has a path that leads straight to the beautiful white-sand beach of Es Calo.
A presenca dos calos cicatriciais nas estacas aumentou com a concentracao de AIB utilizada em ate 15,62% em relacao ao controle, ou seja, a auxina aplicada estimulou a formacao de calo (Figura 2) e, de acordo com a equacao de regressao obtida, 2946,5 mg x [kg.
They gave the music and dance style a term borrowed from one of many immigrant communities, which was then accommodated in the linguistic tradition of the Calo by the addition of the Romani agent suffix -ko: thus, German Tanz 'dance' + ko > *tanzko > tango, orginally 'dancer', then the dance itself.