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city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area

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"For them to understand and be in better position to plan effectively, implement equitably and efficiently and assess/evaluate its programs and activities and projects (PAPs) for road safety and, hopefully, to communicate well the risks for both constituents and implementers for improved promotion and enforcement," Calo said.
Calo said the privacy concerns around digital assistants are likely to grow as the devices expand their capabilities.
Both Microsoft and Calo say the development of new legislation isn't imminent because the specific needs are still emerging.
"But you have to like it or you won't do it." Calo also suggests interval training--short bursts at a high intensity--to condition your cardiovascular system.
The game between QMMF and Hero provided a preview on the desire of QMMF's star players Kim Proceso and Khim Calo to lift this year's championship title in Division B of the tourney.
That prediction reflects the evolution of robot capability, said Ryan Calo, a professor at University of Washington School of Law with an expertise in robotics.
In a white paper published by the Brookings Institution last September, Ryan Calo, an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Law, calls for a Federal Robotics Commission (FRC).
The report from Bombo Radyo quoted Judith Calo, the local civil registrar said that some of the couples due to be wedded at a mass ceremony already had reservations about being married on Friday the 13th.
But the era of big data has changed the game, says law professor Ryan Calo, a specialist in technology policy at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Specularity is what connects Giorgio Andreotta Calo's site-specific environment Untitled (level), 2014, which uncovers a preexisting opening in the floor, to his sculpture Clessidra (Hourglass), 2014, which was made from a cast of a wooden mooring pole that has slowly been eroded by water--a typical element of the Venetian landscape.
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