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1990) 6.5 10-min maximum sustained winds [kt (km 100 (185) [h.sup.-1])] (Koba 1990) (a) The relatively calm wind condition recorded in Guiuan indicates that the eye passed close but not directly over the recording site.
We had calm winds and two perfectly clear approach ends to choose from, and we decided to let the controllers put us into an actual instrument approach that almost cost us a limited-edition Prowler.
However, three factors suggest that this does not explain the foraging inactivity of Glaucous Gulls under calm wind conditions.
At 1100:18, ATC advised the F-16 pilot, "traffic 12 o'clock, two miles, opposite direction, 1200 [feet altitude] indicated, type unknown." The F-16 pilot advised he was "looking" for the traffic, and at 1100:26, ATC advised, "turn left heading 180 if you don't have that traffic in sight." The pilot responded by asking, "Confirm two miles?" Eight seconds later, the controller stated, "If you don't have that traffic in sight turn left heading 180 immediately." At 1100:52 the controller advised the F-16 pilot, "Traffic passing below you 1400 feet." Reported weather at the Cessna's departure airport included calm winds, 10 statute miles visibility and scattered clouds at 2600 feet agl.
Observed weather included visibility of 1.5 miles, calm wind, heavy drizzle, a broken cloud layer at 800 feet and an overcast at 1300 feet.
For the purpose of determining whether you should use an airport's designated calm wind runway, a wind speed of __ is considered calm wind.
Calm wind, low light, that's when tarpon will be up rolling.
Those warmer waters are strongly linked to calm wind conditions.
I don't know if it was living right, or what, but I always seemed to get a nice little calm wind."
Think about the different power settings and airplane configuration changes you'll need to make on a calm wind day versus when there's 20 knots howling down the centerline.
While Saturday was a hazardous and difficult search, Sunday's clear skies and calm wind reminded the team why they spend their time on mountains.
Clear sky, unlimited visibility, calm wind, smooth ride.
The student pilot was practicing touch-and-go landings in calm wind conditions and inadvertently landed near the left edge of the runway.
Notice also that the LPV approach does not give you circling capability to Runway 2; that is the preferred calm wind runway.